Same-sex couples needed for documentary in Singapore

Do you live in a same-sex relationship and would you as a couple be interested to participate in an interview where we are having a down to earth talk about your relationships, lifes, history and what it means to be living in a gay relationship in Singapore, infront of a camera?

I am looking for couples who have been living together for longer than a year and who is willing to invite a small crew into their home for a small interview series that I am planning to produce over the next months.  The interviews should take about 3 hours, maybe 5, of your day.

Write me on for more details.



Crap. That is just so gay!

Last week two of my coworkers had some kind of software development type of issues (or equally nerdy stuff) when I overheard this conversation.

Coworker #1: “Man this is just so gay. Crap.”

Coworker #2: “Yea, so fucking gay. Bummer.”

Me, while I hide behind my screen pretending to be busy with work, but is really deep into an conversation with S..: “Guys. The word ‘gay’ is NOT supposed to be used as an insult when something irritates you.”

Both coworkers: “Oh no. Sorry about that.”

And then in the office earlier today.

Coworker #2. “Crap. This is just so fucking gay. (quick look towards me, who hardly noticed what they were doing or talking about). No, I mean bummer, eh darn…. Sorry.”

Baby steps.