Looking for Singaporean same-sex couple that got married in Copenhagen

Do you know about, or are you, the Singaporean same-sex couple that got married under the Eurovision contest in Copenhagen earlier this year?

I just learned from another couple that got married on the same day, that there were a Singaporean couple that got married on the same day as they did. So if you know about them or who they are? Then please contact me on mysocalledlesbianlife@outlook.com on how I might be able to get in contact with them or with any details that you might have about them, or their day of marriage.



Dear Singapore what is just so wrong about this?

I have to say that two brides looks much better than just a single bride at the altar and now since this yesterday where the family ganged up on me, my mind is once again on weddings.

And also thanks to you dear for pressuring me in giving you an answer on how I would react to a surprise proposal.

For those who know me, then I am already cyber stalking gay weddings for inspirations and is waiting for the country to catch up with the world so they will introduce same-sex ROM in Singapore.

I am so lucky that I could just do it in Netherlands. But I would prefer to actually be able to get married and recognized in both places instead of getting kicked out of the country if I want to marry the one I love.

Besides giving gay couples equal rights to marry, is also a good way to combat fast declining birth rates.(just a hint)