Gigi Chao: ‘Love shall prevail.’

Just a quick note with a few videos about Gigi Chao, while I am preparing a blog post as a comment to TYT’s outrageous coverage of Gigi Chao, that really pissed me off and so clearly showed TYT’s non existing journalistic line when it comes to research, cultural understanding and lifestyles outside of their own “bubble”.

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Magazine thoughts continued

Compare Magazines

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Studied the last 3 months issues of Diva Magazine and Curve Magazine on the flight back from Singapore and on average the magazines consisted of the following:

26 full page adverts, this included 3 pages of subscription offers to the magazine.
28 articles who’s length was less than 3.500 words.
38 articles and text snippets who’s length was less than 300 words.

78 photos or illustrations, including front page.

I was a little surprised to see (with a critical eye), that both magazines had some kind of fatigue to their content and editorial. Found both of their designs and layouts quite boring, and neither of them make use of what the world of 2014 can offer in their digital editions of their magazines. So it is essential just PDF versions of their magazines and neither make use of video’s or podcasts to spice up their works.

Curve Magazines articles were better written and had better writers, but that it had a superficially to it. I generally felt that Diva Magazine used more inexperienced freelance writers for the majority of their articles, then they at the same time managed to have better articles in terms of content quality who just weren’t written as well as they could have been done.

When it comes to photos and illustrations then Curve Magazine really distance itself between the two of them. It is clear that Curve’s photographers is more experienced and professional with their work, where Diva Magazines pictures could just as well have been taken by inexperienced photographers, or by the article writer who had very little experience with a camera. Both magazines photos and illustrations for the most parts supported their articles well.

The magazines had equally good front pages and clearly did a lot to stand out and not look boring.

With adverts, then it is again Curve Magazine who have better quality adverts, in terms of larger companies that clearly have more money to put into their marketing budgets, where it seems that Diva Magazine seems to struggle a little with their advertisement sales and for most of the parts, have advertisers who spend less on their advertisements and have smaller budgets. The US market is also that larger than the British one, so there is without a doubt a reason for that.

When studying the two magazines, then it might look like I favored Curve Magazine, but I am a more avid reader of Diva, who feels to be less superficial and who’s articles turned out to be a more interesting read for me, even though the quality in writing and editorial lacked greatly compared.

I subscribe to Diva Magazine, I don’t subscribe to Curve Magazine.

Could a local Lesbian Magazine work in Singapore?

Would you like your own Magazine? A Magazine that only focus on you and represent your sexuality and gay life in Singapore and South Asia?

I have for quite a while wondered if that would be a way to get back home to Singapore on.

I’m not going to work for a Singaporean publisher or media house EVER AGAIN and I am at the point where I am hmm, not tired of my current situation, but at least open for a change.

The thought have been bouncing around in my head, and I have made contact to people who already have published work in Curve Magazine (US), Diva Magazine (UK) and LOTL (AU) just to get their input. It’s been a good 50/50 if I should do it and if it could work financially and editorially.

I have been talking to magazine designers, designers who already have an interesting record both in the printed and digital world, who have given me some interesting and challenging feedback – especially in the subject of hidden costs in running a magazine.

With regards to content, then I wouldn’t have any troubles in finding people to supply me interesting material and articles from outside Singapore, and to a certain degree by freelance as well as getting staff writers in Singapore. But getting good work from within Singapore with regards to the scene could on the long run provide a challenge, when thinking of continued delivery of new and original content. I was advised to maybe one with a broader reach, such as including South Asia as a whole instead – meaning focusing on Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand as well as producing it strictly as a digital subscription instead of a Printed, or a Printed + Digital. Then it might work out where it could be profitable within a few years.

The scary part in that line is “within a few years”.

But the question is, would you dare to have it in your room if I made a printed magazine and if you are staying at home, like a lot of single lesbian Singaporeans do? Would you, (miss maybe in the closet,) dare to buy it at a magazine stand? Or should it strictly be something that you could have on your beloved tablet and computer?

Would MDA object to it? Would the conservative Singapore freak out?

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