“OMG. Please tell me that your sister is gay too! “

Do you also have one of these friends? You meet her at the local xyz gay bar talk a few times and find out that you could have been besties in a previous life, but only really get to talk when you bump into each other once in a blue moon when you are in the same country and city?

Well I got one of these, she send me a message and I reply days later – or the other way around.

Yesterday she send me this message “OMG. Please tell me that your sister is gay too! ”

Turned out that she had seen her and my sister in law picking strawberries together some days ago at a pick and eat your own strawberries until you die farm and decided that the two of them looked awful gay together. Yesterday when she saw me with them, then that only reinforced that idea and had to ask me if I knew them well?

Something that I by the way confirmed.

“Yes I know them quite well and one of them is my sister.”

” Is she les too? are they a couple? Please let me know if she is single. You have to introduce me!!”

“No she is NOT gay and the other one is my sister in law. So don’t hit on them.”


So I thought about that.

What if my sister turned gay?

No… I really didn’t like that idea one bit.

I really didn’t.. .

Not that I wouldn’t be supporting and everything that would be needed if she really came out. But I also felt, grrr, about it. Being gay is mine! and having my sister who is getting close to her 50’s coming out and have this (and others) early 30’s friend go gaga over her, then welcome to my teenage years all over again!!

Cue my inner green monster.

Yes in my early teens, some parts of me hated my more than 10 years older miss perfect sister, when I battled with braces, pimples and massive insecurity, so I can just imagine her moving in on what I think of “mine”.

Besides I can just imagine my brothers facial wtf expression when he learned about that and then he would probably immediately after laugh his ass off while he reminded me that it would solely be my task to explain that to the relatives in Singapore and how I could have spread my “infection” to the princess of stability and so-called pride of the family.

My sister is the epiphany of “can do no bad” with several remote family members, and with children, a “good” husband (good is that he got a stable job, and can make her pregnant) and a finance-ish finance job, then even her short run- away-to-Hong-Kong-to-try-modeling in her early 20ish is forgiven and forgotten.

Well, there is also the point of that my gaydar would have completely failed when it came to my sister because she from my point, is seen as the straightest person ever. Period. And I am not just saying that because I want her to stay like that.

It’s just. “Well girlfriends… you know what? My sister just came out and I didn’t know anything about it before now.”


No, I couldn’t have that my gaydar got reflected and fooled by the highnesses shininess. I actually think that would be worse to my ego. It would even be worse than the thought of her running away with someone that I knew well.

Anyway no, I am quite sure that I would know if she were. At least I would have picked up on the subtle hints if there were any.

Okay, I have had the suspicion that my sister and her hubby is not that vanilla as everyone want them to believe, but there are after all some things that I in my own so-called lesbian life can’t overlook.

No matter how blur I can be – and at times am.



The diplomatic crisis of the Ice cream drama.

Had my sister in law – or my brothers ex, as a support while I was trying to juggle all the little monsters today. OMG. What a thrill.

I love them all, but having to handle all the children on a sugar rush and all at once – or trying to solve drama’s on who should have what ice cream and why one look better or more interesting than the others, even when they really are the same and how come one ice cream lasts longer than another one, might be too much for me to handle.

Super exhausted now, so wish I had someone to spoil me just this moment. Sigh!

Anyway we came around discussing this blog, posts that I haven’t posted yet, heterosexuality, homosexuality and if my sister in law might be bi instead of straight, coming out in Singapore compared to UK/Netherlands/US, lack of rights and why life felt more free in Europe compared to Singapore.

In short while handling diapers, diplomatic breakdowns in the ice cream crisis (yes I can now handle a UN negotiation and World Peace at the same time), what candy in different colored candy wrapper, that is the best even though it is the same, then I had a great and still got time for a very free and frank discussion with my sister in law and really enjoyed this day today. Especially now when it is over.

I am going to skip my run (I OCD on running), and is just going to wrap my face around a TV-show, enjoy a light dinner and a glass of wine from a 3 day old bottle while I wait for my cousin to show up. He is going to spend time here until Friday where he is moving over to his parents place for the weekend, before returning to Australia.

I really adore my sisters and brothers children and been wondering if I should get one ( or maybe even more), but after a day like this, then my uterus close down and tie temselves up for a while.