Taiwan first in Asia to accept same-sex marriage!!

The moment we all have been waiting for has come. The first country in Asia to accept same-sex marriages is here!

And of course it is NOT Singapore! (not a surprise to anyone… right??)

The Taiwanese constitutional court declared earlier today (Wednesday May 24th) that same-sex couples have the rights to legally marry and should be given the same legal rights as heterosexual couples currently got, and that the legal system have two years to implement and amend the necessary laws to make this effective.

You can read a slightly longer article about the rulings on Reuters public site here.

From what I can understand from a contact then the Taiwanese immigration authorities will immediately begin to make it easier for overseas married couples to get their spouses into the country when their partner is posted to the country, therefore giving them the same rights as heterosexual expat couples who are relocating to Taiwan for professional reasons. These restrictions should be eased already late this year, or early next year.

Singapore have in the past years gone the other way, and restricted immigration for same-sex couples, so it will in the future become more attractive for highly skilled gay couples to take on assignments in Taiwan and skip Singapore, making it more difficult for Singapore to attract skilled people to the country – something that in the past two years already have been an issue for many companies in Singapore, who have cited the country’s regulations as an issue.

The Taiwanese Tourism Bureau, expect that this ruling will be very positive for the tourism industry, who expect that  gay travelers visiting Taiwan will double in the coming years. Gay tourism for US citizens alone is estimated to 65 billion a year and European gay tourists spend in the area of 50bn EUR annually.








The parliament unanimously passed the rights to same-sex marriage

In a stunning move the parliament unanimous passed the rights to same-sex marriages and adoptions with an 27 for and 0 votes against allowing same-sex marriages in the country.

Greenland Gay Pride

The bad news about this is that it was not the Singaporean parliament who unanimous passed this, but the parliament in Greenland. Once again Singapore is left in the dust when it comes to basic human rights.

So one more country to put on the “Countries that I must visit before I die” list. Actually wanted to see the country before they passed the same-sex marriage bill, but that is just another incentive to bring Miss Sexy with me so we can experience it together.

AirBnb rentals prices in Greenland are not that bad, and quite interesting to see the Greenland homes. Sorry no igloos or ice bear rugs. See AirBnb rentals here. Too bad that SIA does not fly direct.

Read the full story here and here.

Pictures from the 2014 Greenlandic gay pride can be seen here (not in English).