Important life choices to do before this weekend begins

In a few days you will have to make one of the more important decisions in your life that will not only affect you personally, but all of your peers in the Singaporean LGBT sphere as well.

You have 2, maybe 3 choices to make this coming weekend. Should you go to the biggest event in Singapore? Should you stay home in your closet and decorate it with unicorns? Should you proudly announce to the world that your phone is turned off and that you are not contactable before Monday morning, and that you might not be efficient at work (but who is ever efficient on a Monday morning??) either?

On June 13th you really should be going to Pink Dot, don’t show up in white, come in the most pink color that you can find. If you are not a femme pillow princess then okay, pink might not be something that you carry in your wardrobe collection, any other color is fine too. Just Show Up.

But Orange Is The New Black Season 3!!! is released this weekend too! So do you really – I mean seriously – Do you even have time to go to Pink Dot??What is more important? A whole Pink Dot day with likeminded, or binge watch the whole weekend?

OITNB or meeting your new girlfriend?

OITNB or getting a hug from a hot sexy stranger?

Yes I know. It is just easier to slip into your old worn out tiger slippers and stay in your old tee and sloggi’s the whole weekend, and refuse to leave your home while you send everyone else an happy thought, a heart and a Like on Facebook while you are waiting for the new episode to load.

But is that really enough? Is it enough to Like Pink Dot on Facebook? Wouldn’t it be more fun to be part of those who is able to say “Yes, we beat last year’s Pink Dot turnout. We were there!”.

So…. what is most important? Pink Dot or binge watch Orange Is The New Black the whole weekend?

Oh the choices and sacrifices that we have to make in life.


Nothing new from my lesbian life

It’s not that I have been busy the last days, well, yes, I have had work to do, so it is not all holiday season for me but my lesbian life is awful straight normal at the moment.

You know, go to work, pay taxes, pay all outstanding invoices, update OKcupid/Pinksofa profile, crush on unreachable profiles on other dating sites.

Do heaps of laundry


Oh yes and hunt down spiders in the apartment! Ugh!!

A normal life nothing worth blogging much about.

But I did finally get around to see Orange Is The New Black and oh my gosh, how could I have missed that show??

Initially I felt that I in no way would think that a show about a female prison could be interesting, so for the last year I have been unreachable from peer pressure and internet gossip about the show – that is until now.

So for reasons that I am not getting into here, I began watching it from season 2, then moved back to see season 1 and just to make sure that I got everything, watched season 2 again after season 1 of OITNB.


It’s also a welcome distraction to the short lived Lip Service that I loved more than L-Word. Lip Service, beside having some of the most awkward sex scenes, were great, maybe because I like the European way of making some characters feel more alive – and having Heather Peace in it did help too.

Like Lip Service and L Word, I do not care much about the main character in OITNB. Piper is to me irritating. Period. Hmm maybe it is because she got the attention of Alex that I don’t like her, or maybe it is just because I previously have met people with her “I’m so cute that I want it all and can’t decide what I would like to have” character and it simply annoys me. But if I did meet a person like that on a single Friday night, I (a SINGLE me) would end up going home with her – no matter what I say here – and only to regret it because she would surely be a pillow princess or something worse.

Or I just don’t like bi-sexual yo-yo’s who haven’t decided what it is that they really want.

Yes I would like to say that I were more open minded, but Piper having difficulties deciding between Alex and what’s his name, Larry. Really??

Can it really be THAT difficult to decide between stable boring Larry and Alex who will lead you in so much trouble but is oh so sexy? The way the characters are portrayed, then even straight women who never had a single lesbian thought in their heads would end up choosing Alex. So what is her problem? That she needs to be liked by everyone?

Speaking of Alex. Very straight and not so gay Laura Prepon (should never go back to blonde hair) who is playing Alex, gives my gaydar a really difficult time. I know she is straight because I met her some years ago in Los Angeles, and everything about her screams gay to me.

She is also the only American actress that I have ever met in real life, if I remember it right.

But what is it really with these shows? L-Word, Lip Service and Orange Is The New Black?

Not one great Asian (of any origin) character that I as a proud lesbian Asian woman can identify with or even feel that I can have a small tv-crush on.

What is wrong with the producers and script writers of these shows? Are they just plain ignorant or are they wearing the same glasses as those Hollywood producers who only can place Asian female actresses in roles named “Asian Escort #1”, or “Sexy Nurse #5”? And no, I am not asking for another stereotypical ninja kickass Nikita, or a “I’m too good a Doctor to be measured among mortals” Dr. Yang, but simply a balanced well written character who coincidentally is Asian too.

Well I guess that will only happen the day we get a lesbian show that is directed and produced in an Asian country – Yes I would absolutely love that it could be made in Singapore, but my guess is that that will only happen after a show have been produced in Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan and/or Japan – and then only after a cheesy Korean lesbian drama have been made and aired for at least 4 years.