Meeting women in usable professions

It is just this time again!

So busy with my daytime work that I haven’t had time to finish a single blog post. Yes! that busy!

To my defense I have been out to see and meet some really interesting people. First, last week I (in connection to my job) met a woman who is building her own house.

Secondly, my Doctor came with the news that I had to take a break from my obsessive (that was what I was told!) running, that I had to gain (a lot more) weight and that it would be adviceable to go on a hormone therapy if I wanted to get pregnant this year or in the near future.

My immediate concern were, “Shit. I have to stop running!”? How do I handle that??! I mean, usually when I haven’t run for a few days I get irritable and beging to crawl on the walls, so how would I ever handle that?? And how would anyone around me be able to handle being near me in that period??

I am sure that I would alienate everyone that I love and like, if I can’t be allowed to run as much as I like to.


But back to building Her – Own – House!!

From scratch that is.

And her husband is taking care of the kids while she is (slowly) doing their place.

That is something that I find really amazing. And no, she is not gay and not living in or around Singapore so I shouldn’t really be blogging about her here. Since I partially (mostly) grew up in Singapore then I have for most of my life been sheltered from women who did anything in carpentry, electricity or any other handy-man-woman jobs. Unless it could be related to an artistic job of some sort.

So meeting a woman who jump into doing her own house is rather a mouth gaping exciting to me.

And yes, when I am in Netherlands I do get to meet women in the local mini-mart who are working in these trades – and where I found out that one were gay and kind a cool too.

Since meeting her I have expanded my extended circle of people that know how to do these kind of things. I have met women who work as electricians, bricklayers (I think it is called) and other women in the handicraft circle of professions. All women that I on some level admire because my own skills in these areas are absolutely horrible. Well, yes, I do master the art of building Lego houses for my nieces and nephews, but this is where it stops for me.

Real useable trades like those I mentioned would be impossible for me to take up and do. Well, yes, yes, I know how to drill a hole in a wall, and yes I know how to change a plug or the connector to my lamp so I am not 100% hopeless. But I still have to stop myself in pretending in taking a selfie with the frozen chicken in the butcher department in the mini-mart, when what I really want is to take one of the hottie who just by looking at her work clothes is clearly proficient in painting my walls (yes yes I can actually do that myself too!!) or re-electrify my apartment, or well.. I am sure that you know what I mean. I guess it is just my Asian genes that just demands me to take pictures of anything and anyone that I find interesting and out of the norm that I grew up in.


Do you know of any Singaporean women who is working in these trades? I want to meet them so I can talk to them. No… not so I can hit on them, but to know that there are actual Singaporean women who is working in these professions and that we are not all that hopeless (like myself) with it comes equality in the workforce. So message me if you know of any.

Okay back to stressing about that I have to stop running as much as I like…..



Women and their ink

I just have to say it.

I find inked women damn sexy, I mean, not the ones with tramp stamps and porn tattoos all over, but inks with thoughts and meaning, no matter if it only gives meaning to themselves, that is sexy I think.

Maybe it is because I don’t have any yet – oh I want one, two and maybe a few more, and I know what they should be, I know where they should be and yes, my Pinterest account is also full of tattoo inspirations. But right now I still have to make it further than to the door of the tattoo shop.

And not to run away when they look at me from the inside of the store would help too.

Yes I like to act tough, but I am a chicken inside when it comes to pain. Or more, it’s the idea or thought of pain in the near future that get me to chicken out.

And you know who… even got a few before I did. hmm. grrrr

So this leads me to my most recent shopping experience at the nearby minimart / supermarket

There was a lesbian. Yes, that was of course highly speculative, because she was alone. She was not busy groping or French kissing anyone up against the freezer when I met her. She didn’t have a sticker on her jacket, explaining that she was into girls.

But she got:

  • Cap
  • Crew Cut
  • Piercings
  • Practical jacket (!)
  • Mason Pants, including a ruler and a spirit(bubble) level in one of countless pockets on her thigh
  • Sway
  • That “look” in her eyes
  • and Tattoo’s

Check, Check, Check and Check.

Maybe she was just a house squatter, on her way to occupy another building? If you are from Singapore, and since you are reading this blog, then the chance is that it is highly likely, that you are. Then a squatter is a person – usually more than one person, who occupy a building that have been abandoned and empty for a longer period of time, to live in. Not really legal to so, but as long as the building owner does not freak out, then the police usually leave them alone – and they arrange some awesome parties once in a while.

Well, back to my story.

Anyways, It all worked well together: cap, check. Mason Pants, check. Spirit level, check. And I am always very curious when lesbians look, well “lesbians”. Yesterday I mentioned this to a lesbian friend, who equally got that lesbian look (think Caucasian version of Pat Law) and she said, “Funny, I always get a little annoyed with these types.”. I am sure Freud could get a lot of excitement out of that.

So we got to talk – the squatter type, not my friend. And it turned out, that she was an actual live carpenter.

By the way that reminds me, how many female carpenters are there in Singapore? I don’t recall ever seen a female carpenter in Singapore – Ever! and that makes it a little bit more exciting to meet a real live female carpenter. Okay, I know that in Singapore there is a bias and social boxing between white collar and blue collar people, i.e. people who actually know how to do stuff with their hands… I mean professionally – not the hm other way. Okay, I am officially rambling now. But what I mean is that I don’t care about what people do with their life as long as they feel happy with them self and what they do.

But have you ever seen a female carpenter in Singapore? If you do, then please let me know, because then I would like to interview her.

Of course I with my high heels and meticulously long hair quickly had to wove into the sentence that “my crush in Singapore she …”. with strong emphasis on “SHE”. In other words, “I am just like you! I am also a lesbian! and I’m totally not judging you!” Complete foolish conversational response related to “I actually have friends who are Ang Moh (Caucasian)”.

Where she interrupted me by saying

“Take it easy, even with your heels and femme look, then there is no way that you are straight, the way that you checked me out before we got to talk”.

Shit. Busted.

But after a short chit chat – comparing if we had any common friends in the Team L Circle, we split and agreed to share a drink if we got to meet in Vive one day.

By the way. It is amazing how much you can get out of a person just by telling them that you like and/or find their tattoos sexy.

In a top-10 over meaningless blog posts, this one gets the nominated for the top spot.