The Is it a Sex Toy or Dog Bone quiz

I could have sworn, cross my heart and all that, that I wrote about sex toys vs. dog toys on this blog earlier??

Maybe it is still one of these now more than 200 drafts that I will never finish and could just as well be deleted.

But since I didn’t write about it, then Buzzfeed decided to do something to get ahead of me and created the Is it a Sex Toy or Dog Toy quiz for you to take.

So what are you waiting for?! Go take it and score better than I did. (I aced it of course).

This test also says everything about why I DON’T have a dog. I mean just imagine a dog running around in the house with the wrong kind of toy in its mouth when there are guests present.

Ew! Anyway…. Just sidetracking while trying to write about what I didn’t know was supposed to be a date.


What pet is most lesbian?

I accidentally started a longer argument about what pet is the most lesbian pet that all lesbians should have today. Didn’t do it on purpose, but had a brain fart when I overheard another couple discussing lesbians with cats. But apparently it is quite a big issue if you are a lesbian who likes dogs, or if you are a lesbian who are into cats.

And it all began with a discussion if it was too stereotypical and offensive to show a newly married lesbian couple who is hugging a cat, because who would EVER find themselves with a cat in the house and call herself a real Lesbian?

Lady stickers

Lesbian stickers, that made Lesbian dog lovers very, very angry.

Honestly with a few rare occasions I mostly meet lesbians who are into cats as pets (if any), and some who preferably got a cat that have been last minute rescued from a shelter of some sorts so they bravely could tell all their friends about their heart breaking rescue mission.

But that is just the kind of people that I generally meet and not that I take offense to lesbian dog lovers.

Decide for yourself. Is the above image of a newly married lesbian couple holding a cat offensive to lesbian dog lovers?


Oh the challenges that we face in life.