Have you tried to comment?

Have you tried to comment on a blog post but got an error?

I got a message from a reader who mentioned  that it weren’t possible to post a comment on some of my older blog posts. If you happen to experience the same, then please let me know about it.






Life Partners – Movie (Maybe NSFW)

I need your help!

A month or so ago I were so lucky to see Life Partners (Yes, I bought it on iTunes), and as an Indie movie I liked it. Yes, yes, it did have its flaws, but it wouldn’t hurt me (or you) to see it more than once.

That made me also think about how difficult can it really be to skip all the straight people and just make a great lesbian feel-good movie that doesn’t suck?

Or just any lesbian movie with good – or semi good acting and an okay script. This one had lots of lesbian characters in it, and they could all act quite well – or at least “ok”. So someone please get going!! I will even support your kickstarter campaign if you need me to. Yes, Yes I might be greedy and have seen almost all mentioned on this list here. But more would be nice.

What I spend most time thinking and discussing with others about this movie, were that if anyone knew the rules for the “Sword Fight” game, that they did in the club some 20 minutes into the movie, and what they might be – and if that was something real at all?

When my sister got to know about it immediately asked “Is that really what you do when you go out?” with that “my crazy little sister has completely lost it now” voice…


Life Partners #2

See I am hot and all purple. What more do you want?


So both participats got to wear strap-on’s on a stage – and is fully dressed. But then what? How do you play? Who would win? How can you win? Or is that one of these “everyone wins” kind of games that I just hate to play?

If I am playing any kind of game, then I am playing to kick your butt and if I once in a blue moon loose in a game that I know that I can win in, then I will not speak to you for a week!


Life Partners #1