Turkish police attack Istanbul gay pride with tear gas and rubber bullets

Vice News just posted a must see video from Istanbuls gay pride that were held last weekend.

Istanbuls pride have been held without any brutality from the police for the last 13 years, but this year the police needed to catch up on something and went crazy.

See the video above.

Huffington Post wrote about it too.



Is it morally okay that gay haters in Singapore attack children of same-sex couples?

We are now a few days away from Pink Dot and I am seriously pissed!

As I mentioned before we have in Singapore a small but very hateful group who feel entitled and righteous to attack everyone and anyone that does not conform to their own narrow minded world view. That is anyone who is living within the LGBTQA sphere in or around Singapore.

And now they found a new victim to attack.

Or said in another way.

They just realized that lesbian couples can have children together. Initially they were baffled by that idea. How did that compute? Huh? Two women with a child?? They – were – stunned! Wa! In Singapore!!?

I guess that things like IVF and other means of artificial insemination are mostly unknown to them.

I am not saying that that group is the sum of the Singaporean intellectual elite, actually they are most likely very far from it.

The group recently hit a new low point when they decided to attack a little girl and her two (wonderful) parents, because they not only dared to be so brave that they are living in Singapore as an all too normal family, with the small exception that they are a lesbian couple, with everyday boring issues. But then the couple even dared to blog about it in a way, so even a blind person could see that same-sex couples with children is just as doable as heterosexual couples with children.

In fact they even manage to show that their child is happy and very functioning in a family like theirs, and that even same-sex couples have troubles with getting their children to eat vegetables.

Somewhere else in Singapore, peoples faces exploded by the news.

“Gaaah! How can it be that a nuclear lesbian or a gay family can be this happy! That is just so sick!!”

Dear Vernon Chen, Siti Scarlett Zubaidah, Peter Shee, Zaid Lazim, Shamsuria Nor, Siti Scarlett Zuibaidah, Gina Ngiam, Hashim Yuof, Adeline Ho, Mary Tian (who believe homosexuality is like child pornography), Evan Lee and Nina Hong; Do you really believe that growing up with two mothers is a danger to a childs growth and future adult life?

Well, The kids are just fine, thank you very much. Actually, they’re much better than your kids.

According to studies done in the past years, then children of lesbian parents are actually more accepting to democratic attitudes about society than their peers from heterosexual households, are more well rounded and is better able to handle conflicts compared to children who grow up in heterosexual nuclear families according to several studies.

Yes, yes I know. Having a “democratic” attitude in Singapore, might be an issue….

Read the studies “Children Reared By Female Couples Score Higher on Good Citizenship Than Children Reared by Heterosexual Parents“, “The Australian study of child health in same-sex families: background research, design and methodology ” and “The National Lesbian Family Study: 4. Interviews With the 10-Year-Old Children” for more information about these studies. They are quite interesting reads.

Abbie Goldberg from Clark University in Massachusetts who researches homosexual parenting, told LiveScience in 2013 that gay parents “tend to be more motivated and more committed than heterosexual parents on average, because they chose to be parents.” Accidental pregnancies rarely happen in homosexual couples compared to almost 50% of the time for heterosexual couples. Simply choosing to be parents makes a significant difference in whether you will take your parenting responsibilities seriously or not.

Stephen Scott head of research at the National Academy for Parenting Practitioners in United Kingdom, said in 2013 that gay women are better at raising children than traditional parents.

He justified his maybe slight controversial view that research shows that children of two mothers are more ambitious and fight more for social justice than children brought up by a mother and a father.

Daughters of lesbian parents are more likely to look at subjects that traditionally have been considered masculine, for example: Engineering, Medicine and Legal subjects. And that children of lesbians and gays are not becoming “more” gay or seek out gay relationships more often than children of heterosexual parents.

So just because we want to have children on our own, then that does not mean that we will populate and take over the world with our homosexuality.

Well,….okay…. not yet at least.

That anyone, ANYONE, say that same-sex couples are not fit to be parents, simply just don’t have their facts straight – so to speak, hm, and need to look closer into the subject of what it take for same sex couples to become parents and the efforts that we will have to go through, as we most often are not given the same financial benefits as heterosexual couples get.

As gay parents, there WILL be questions that they (we) will have to take with the children that heterosexual parents don’t have to take. But as an adaptable spieces, then we are able to get over the strangest things and still come out on top on it. Besides, someone else have already gone through it before and either written a book about it as a self-help book, or written an easy step by step guide too. So there are really nothing to be concerned or pissed about when it comes to children of gay parents.







I pray for your HIV soul when it go to Hell

There is an active anti-gay group who have more than 4,000 members that includes Doctors, Directors and even includes several police officers. Generally – or mostly – it is a group of people from the lower social end of the Singapore.

They use Facebook and Tumblr groups to organize rally’s against pro LGBT personalities and organizations who support the LGBT movement in Singapore, and from what I can see then they feel that Pink Dot is a very personal insult to everything Singaporean.

They take pride in the number of dislikes on YouTube videos they can generate when Pinkdot or other pro-gay organizations post videos there and take pride in organizing and advice it’s members on how to attack people and companies who are positive towards LGBT rights in Singapore.

The group members are not always factual right. Facts is not really something they spend much time on and if you study (not even in a detailed way) them then they are more often factual wrong in what they are saying.

For example according to some of them HIV and Ebola is only something that happens to homosexuals. Heterosexuals can’t get HIV. Christian and Muslim heterosexuals especially can’t. That is according to them.

Thoughts and believes like that are outright dangerous to everyone in Singapore.

Most of them wish Singapore back to the pre Facebook and Internet days where free speech were more limited – not that there are real free speech in Singapore today, but it is better than when I went to school in Singapore.

The last couple of days I have tried to contact members of the group as I am trying to find out about their thinking and reason for why they are acting like they do.

Unfortunately out of the 60 people that I have contacted either by email, social media, phone and I don’t know what, then not a single one wanted to talk to me. Not one wanted to stand by what they believe – or at least say in the so-called “anonymity” of Facebook. Most became outright surprised and even angry at me when I contacted them, but refused to come out of their own closet to have a talk about why they organize and promote hate speech against LGBT’s in Singapore – and elsewhere.

They don’t really like to get challenged or told when they are wrong.

Or like one told me “I pray for your HIV (infested) soul when it go to Hell” when I challenged Her/Him on YouTube.

But why do they hate us so much?

It is clear that not a single one of these more than 4,000 people personally know – or is aware of – any gay or lesbians in their personal life’s. They don’t socialize with anyone like us. They don’t wish to go into an open discussion about why we want to be recognized.

They don’t get that we are all in for family values and that we want the same rights as they do, so we can secure our families. Not more than they have.



But they see us as a threat to what they know and feel that we are dangerous to them and what “they”, the “others” represent. They see the Pink Dot supporters even grow larger and larger every year. They see more and more come out of their closets and say, “yes I am gay and find other men hot”, “yes I like other women like me”, “I like everyone so much that I want to share my flower with any gender”, or even come out and say “I am not supposed to be in this body”.

And it scares them.

It makes them feel uncomfortable.

Those few see themselves as they are the minority and not part of the heterosexual majority.

Every year they see that Pink Dot get’s larger and larger and that it has even become larger their own local religious community.

It is not like it is either religion or homosexuality. But to many of them it is turning into a religious quest where they see that homosexuality is dangerous to their own religious believes. Something like that is outright ridiculous, and I feel it is absolutely possible to be religious and still be gay at the same time. Yes it is possible to pray and still be gay. I am even sure that anyone who is gay will be heard just as much as heterosexuals get’s heard by whoever they now pray to.

Same sex couples can have great, fantastic and fulfilling families together. They can have wonderful children. They can take care of them just as well – and sometimes even better than heterosexual couples.

But Pink Dot scares them.

The idea of same-sex families scares them.

It makes them feel uncomfortable.

To them, it is just yet another party they feel that they aren’t invited to, and they hate the idea of it.

To them it is not Singaporean and is yet another evil western scheme to ruin the pure Singapore.


Lesbian you say? Well, I am sorry but then you are going to die!

There are 10 countries in the world that you should avoid going to, as being lesbian there, is punishable with death.

  1. Yemen
  2. Iran
  3. Iraq
  4. Mauritania
  5. Nigeria
  6. Qatar
  7. Saudi Arabia
  8. Somalia
  9. Sudan
  10. United Arab Emirates

Isn’t it just crazy scary? So utterly creepy. I mean, just think about it .

Death by hanging just because you are you – or me?

The only thing you did wrong was to love the one you love and then someone else might come up to you and say “Sorry, but you must die, right, now!(!!)”. Just imagine that.

Gay men has it harder than lesbians in the world – I guess that gay men must just be crazy scary for straight people. But there are, nevertheless, according to data on ILGA.org ( International Lesbian , Gay, Bisexual , Trans and Intersex Organization ) several countries where “female to female relationships ” can cost you 10 + years in prison – or up to life, if you dared to hold your lovers same sex hand in public (Iran).

Just imagine that!

By the way! If you haven’t seen this post that I made earlier, then you should take a look at the video, that was posted there, NOW!

Speaking about all this.

I immediately wrote a Saudi freelancer that I have been working with, on, on and off projects, asking him a “WTF” question about his country.

“Hey, are your country killing lesbians just for being lesbians?”,

“No, we only stone them. If they die, then it is only a byproduct of their sins”.

“Uhm, you know that I am Lesbian right”.

“Yes, but you are not Muslim” and a little while later “And I can overlook it, since you are paying my salary” and even later “And that you do not look lesbian”.

hmm, that was good to know.

I think.

Speaking about that list. I had no idea that there even were a country called Mauritania?? I usually don’t think that I am that hopeless when it comes to geography. I am sure that I won’t be visiting them anytime soon anyway, so no loss there.

And, by personal detailed investigation, then I can firmly tell you that there are a rather “large” gay and especially lesbian population in Dubai, who is located in United Arab Emirates. But after reading about this, and that raped women can go to prison, simply for being a rape victim. Then I make sure that I will not even make a transit landing there.

But it is a scary thought that for some people and whole countries out there, that if you are a lesbian, then you must die just because you are who you are.

Do you know that?

It’s crazy . But I don’t actually remember the number of times that I with a female lover have been accosted on the street.

This ranges from the classic : “Do you two need any help with that, ladies?” When you hand in hand are waiting for the green light at a pedestrian crossing over “Lesbians!!” from a random passerby and other peers on the streets around town, and of course the obvious kissing noises when big teenage boys cross our paths in the streets and parks.

Oh yea, and then the older gentleman who was waiting for a bus on New Year’s Eve, who just had to walk up to us and openly leer at our goodbye kiss. A hug was not enough for me that night so I gave my dinner partner an more than friendly good night and good bye kiss as a thanks for the earlier support (more about that in a later blog post) before she boarded the bus.

In that case, I happily responded with the international sign language for “F*** You” – an outstretched middle finger, and with a beating heart jumped into a waiting taxi, in the hope that it would drive away before he got his legs working and might do I don’t know what towards me.

I have never experienced public physical abuse related to my sexuality (knock on wood) and has previously just shrugged my shoulders of the more than indiscreet comments. But the more I think about it, and certainly the more focus that comes on the subject, the more outraged I become about the more or less subtle invasions of my privacy, that these chants and comments represents.

I’m spoiled and privileged

I can from time to time easily forget how good I have it. Yes, I am complaining quite a lot about LGBT rights to marry in Singapore, but I still have the option to get married and permanently live in Netherlands because of my dual citizenship (that is not really legal btw.), and despite the lack of civil rights of any kind in Singapore, then there ARE lesbian cafe’s and bar’s – who are not overly interesting btw. But they are there and don’t get raided or harrased by the police (so often). But after seeing this video, then everything that I complain about feels like minor issues.

Please spend just fourteen short minutes of your life to see this and the second movie, then you are a dear:

and this one

Then check out Oram … and what you can do to help LGBT’s around the world.