Cuteness and one of those thanks.

I am sure that everyone have seen this video at least 5 times already, but in case that you haven’t seen this little cute girl experience rain for the first time, then you have it here.

And yes, after seeing this, then I (almost) felt prepared to seek out a donor for one of those.


Fridae and confusing messages

I just got a message from a Fridae member that I didn’t understand at all.

HIHI SIS>>Happy New Year
Can U and yr gal frens own me and SM me as A Girl forever ??> No freedom for me ok > U Like
I am a 2 in 1 and not a Gay
me not into Guys SIS?? Ok

Huh? I thought that I even understood Tumblr users sometimes confusing language, but this?? How can anyone hope that a first “Hello” like this will lead to a reply from me – or anyone else?