Looking for Singaporean same-sex couple that got married in Copenhagen

Do you know about, or are you, the Singaporean same-sex couple that got married under the Eurovision contest in Copenhagen earlier this year?

I just learned from another couple that got married on the same day, that there were a Singaporean couple that got married on the same day as they did. So if you know about them or who they are? Then please contact me on mysocalledlesbianlife@outlook.com on how I might be able to get in contact with them or with any details that you might have about them, or their day of marriage.



Gay Christmas is now over (Eurovision Song Contest)

Yes, I do mean the European Song Contest!

And, OMFG that was an exciting finale.

Not just because my two favorites actually came first and second.

Oh yes, sorry I am posting this from the toilet with my nickers down, that I had to run to right after the winner was announced, so while someone else is pounding on the door, I am writing this post in a hurry, because we have to party, and no one here dared to go to the loo before the winner got announced – and I won the toilet marathon.

But if you don’t know it yet, then Austria won!!

That was also a big fat yes to homosexuality and a middle finger to all the haters out there. But honestly who in the world would not love Conchita Wurst and her amazing beard!? (and voice)

And since Singapore did not participate, then I cheered for Netherlands and they came in SECOND! Okay, honestly the song was not my cup of tea, but I have had a lot to drink today and with the crowd here, you would not dare to cheer for any other than Netherlands tonight.

So finally and sadly the week of Gay Christmas is now over and we can somehow rest until next time.

Someone is really trying to kick in the toilet door now! so I will end this with what Conchita Wurst said in her thank you speech.

“This night is dedicated to all who believe in a future of peace and freedom. You know who you are”


(edit: thought that I better link to the winning song too)


But what you maybe didn’t know, was what Netherlands song won too! (just not the finals)