I am a hit!

Or my blog is.

A few days ago, my brother and his mates found themselves in Bar Naked in Singapore.

No, it is not some kind of a swingers club, but an actual bar where they could get alcohol in and do whatever male bonding is necessary for the male ego.

I guess bang their chest up against each other while they spill their beer at the other guests who are standing near them while saying “yo” or “dude” to each other.

My brother got some kind of a super hearing and is also notoriously known to comment and charm himself into every conversation that he can overhear, almost fell off his chair when he heard a rather intense conversation from a nearby table where someone were discussing MY BLOG! and MY writings.

He is not a subtle person and feel no shame in life, so he apparently laughed rather loud while looking at them in surprise, and wanted to comment on their, I guess, rather private conversation.

They, then mistook his laughter and intense stares as a very misplaced interruption and a early attempt to hit on 3 (presumably lesbian) women who were out for a drink, so they got mad at him for interrupting their conversations and further for coming up with the worst icebreaker that they ever had heard in the history of straight men trying to hit on women. He then, didn’t make it any better when he in an attempt to explain himself, moved over to their table to explain to them that he didn’t mean any harm and that he just wanted to tell them that it were his sisters blog that they were talking about, and that he could direct any comments they might have had to me if they wanted.

Not one believed him, and only got more insulted when he tried to explain himself.


I guess knowing my brother, then he weren’t the most sober person at that time, but I also know that he wouldn’t harm anyone.

At the same time it is rather flattering that anyone actually read my blog and then take time to mention it to others while they are out in town – that is a sure hit for me.

I think I have had around 10-12K visitors from Singapore since I started this blog, and I am not really certain that everyone read my posts through. I mean looking at the search words and terms that some people use to find this blog, then I am quite sure that someone gets quite disappointed to see what it is that I am writing about and rather quickly find something else to look at. So that anyone spend a Saturday night (I believe it were), to discuss this blog, then it is a success to me.

If you read this and could see yourself in it, then yes, my brother were telling you the truth.






“Your car is so lesbian”

My brother is so nice to bring the car for service for me.

Not because that he suddenly had a moment of brotherly love, but because he sold his car and he for the first time in years is without a car.


Talk about culture shock.

That is when he heard that I needed to get my car for service on Monday, that he saw the opportunity to help his little sister out and out of the blue offered to help me out, based on that he then could use it for the rest of the week.

First text I got from him after I guided him to the spare keys over the phone.

“This must be the nicest smelling car in Singapore”.

10 minutes later.

“This car is so gay!”

2 minutes later again.

“I feel emasculated driving your car!”

“You need more manly music!”.

(I will try to learn to take a screen-shot of my phone conversations one day)

It is true. I have for some time haven’t had a single male singer or band with a male singer near my car lately – and no it is not because I prefer (or an agenda) to only listen to female artists or don’t like male musicians, but my collection in the car is currently a mix of Uh Huh Her, Katy Perry, Shania Twain, Lykke Li and some k-pop and j-rock female bands that I can’t recall the name of right now.

Besides it would be just weird to listen to a male voice singing “I Kissed A Girl”.