Amy just wrote a childrens book about same-sex wedding, and it is amazing!

I were (secretly) just allowed to skim through a few pages of Amy Chungs new children book “Wishful Wedding”, and it is simply amazing!

Malaysian born Amy Chung, just released her 3rd book, and this time it is an illustrated book about a girl and her two daddies, and why they are feeling sad.

“Papa’s sister is getting married today! Daddy and I get ready, a flower girl I am. We witness in delight and giggle with glee but deep down in our hearts, we’re sad you see? When will my fathers be able to wed? I can only hope for change, in the future ahead.”

Equality had always been a part of Amy’s own personal beliefs and were often frustrated when confronted by exasperating homophobic news in the public media and general public. Amy’s literary focus is among other towards children of same gender families and how difficult it must be growing up in a society and community where it is not often understood and sometimes still considered a stigma to grow up with same-sex parents.

More importantly she believes that the world need more LGBTQ literature for younger children so they know no different and that they will grow up in a world where diverse family units just simply exist, and she long for the day when the world don’t have to associate pride with the words “tolerance” and “acceptance”.

“We need more exposure and education in our schools, libraries and media. Our children can pave the way for the future.” she said.

And I can only agree with her on that – and is not only a strong hint to Singapores National Library Board, who I feel should be gifted a few copies of the book…


It took only Amy a few hours to write the story – but several months of agony to rewrite and edit it into the book you today can get. She didn’t feel it were any easier to sit down and write her third book, but not more challenging either.

“The greatest challenge writing a book is doubting yourself and your writing.  So you re-write and work on the manuscript over and over again until you lose the original intent.”

The 32 pages book were Illustrated by multiple award winner, Paula Bossio, who outdid herself with these amazing illustrations that she did for the book, and even if you for personal beliefs do not (shame on you) belive in same-sex weddings and partnerships, then you should get this book just for the cute illustrations.

Wishful Wedding can be found on Amazon and selcted other stores and is suitable for children ages 3-6 years, and adults with a youthful mindset

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A Wishful Wedding is part of A Pocketful of Pride and is a series within the Pigeonhole Books collection that features stories about children from families with same-sex parents. .You can read more about Amy and her other books here or stalk her on GoodReads here

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Books: Angel Fire by Gerri Hill

“A vacation out of the city sounds like just the ticket for Tori Hunter and Sam Kennedy. Joining their Dallas Police Department pals Casey O’Connor and Leslie Tucker in a rented RV, they set out for the New Mexico mountains—and on a collision course with a manhunt.

FBI agents Cameron Ross and Andrea Sullivan are tracking a deadly quarry in desolate territory. An ex-teammate from Cameron’s Special-Ops days is in deep hiding, planning who-knows-what to cap off a killing spree. With a hostage at stake and time running out, Cameron reluctantly agrees to outside help from women she doesn’t know…or trust.

In the crossover that fans have been clamoring for, it’s a heart-pounding race against time that challenges the courage and commitment of the exceptional women from Gerri Hill’s Hunter’s Way and Devil’s Rock Series.”


Gerri Hill is by far one of my favorite authors, and I will usually be the first in line to get her book when she publish something new.

Angel Fire, is the book that was demanded by her fans. It is the book that bought the characters from the Hunters series, and Devil’s Rock series together.

Unfortunately I am mixed about the book. I liked it, it was as usual well written, but I at the same time felt it were forced and wondered if it wouldn’t have been a better read if she solely had made it a book in the Devil’s Rock series and left the characters from the Hunters series out of it.

If you haven’t read her books before, then find her older works first. Not that it is bad and that you shouldn’t read it. It is a book that every book lover of lesbian books should read (read all her books), but it needs the background stories of the characters to be really appreciated.

Lesbian food and Books?

In the upper right corner(or somewhere else on mobile devices) you can now see that I added two new categories “Lesbian Food” and “Books”.

It is part of a personal side project that is long overdue, so I decided to include it in this blog and somehow slowly get myself started with the easy things by writing about food and books that I have read from Amazons Lesbian Romance section, or whatever Bella Books decided was good enough to be published.

Usually I manage to digest one or two books a month, so don’t expect the section to be updated more than once or twice a month. The food section will be updated about 3-4 times a month and will only include dishes that I had the pleasure of creating or tasting. Maybe even both.

And yes I know (sigh). Calling anything “Lesbian Food” is…. an invitation to get your eyes rolling. hm!