Done with this years teaching

Yesterday (Tuesday last week) were my last day teaching aspiring journalism students and it is soon time to return to Singapore.

I have come to realize that I absolutely LOVE (with several exclamation marks afterwards) to teach when it is done in small doses. Not only can I for a brief moment call myself adjunct professor, but even some of the more radical members of my family on the Singapore side tend to be nicer towards me when they can say that their niece is teaching at a European university.

And – they don’t need to use the ultra small font size when they otherwise need to mention my “other” profession,  so life have been relatively quiet in the last months when it came to them – and what a relief.

Besides having a short unpleasant moment when a student hit on me – in front of the class, and I ended up having to reject him in front of the whole class, some mid twenties just need to show off to their class mates and don’t understand a hint, then I really love the brutal, honest and frank discussions that I could have with the students.

Something that I am afraid that Singaporean students just often aren’t ready to do.

So while the subject really should have been called “how not to get thrown in jail while reporting from an Asian country” then we covered areas that would never have been approved about or come up in Singapore. Not even in media companies with seasoned staff.

I got a lot of qualified feedback, but just as well many brutally honest questions that in the moment gave me more than one “WTF” moment, but from the beginning I told them that were no stupid (eh, yes there were) questions to ask and that no subject would be too dangerous to take up with me. So if they wanted to ask me, then they should go for it because they needed to learn how to ask questions in the right way – and not let me or anyone get away with half answers – or non answers.

Sometimes I regretted that part. But then again. It is after all better to sometimes look like fool while trying to be awesome than not to try at all.

But I must say that I am also happy that I kept the teaching to two days a week because that were two exhausting but also giving days where I at least learned just as much as I tried to give to them. So I am in a way happy that I don’t do this full time.


Come on everyone. It’s time to do a happy dance






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