Since I have been bashing IKEA so much “lately”

So here is a video of a little light IKEA competition.

Who do you think will be the fastests to assemble IKEA furniture? Gays or Lesbians?

A little hint and a shameless self promotion. I would be able kick all of their behinds when it comes to competitions like this one. Besides, I also hate to lose so I would be obsessed with trying to win a competition similar to this one and would have no patience with anyone messing around with me – unless it ended in a makeout session of course.


On another note S… beat me in Wordfeud this evening, so not talking to her for a few minutes.

I did end up claiming a moral victory for these words, so I felt that I could call this game a draw and not a humiliating loss after all. (no the word to the left did not spell “clit”).





3 thoughts on “Since I have been bashing IKEA so much “lately”

  1. It so did! And I’d love to challenge someone with flapjack idea furniture. Though they are always selling drawers that end the lives of young children..Il try my luck at a bookshelf!

  2. My jaws dropped when you scored 60 points with the word GAYS ! But thank goodness I didn’t give up and striked gold with the word TAKAHE :) I have no idea what that word means ,just remembered me telling you I am trying my luck with takaNE, takaSH and takaHE. Arigato :)

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