A small error in the previous post

I am not really sure what happened but the headline for a post that I have in my draft folder and the one that I posted yesterday crossed paths and ended up on several websites as the subject line or headline for the post instead of the one that I originally named the post to be.

So some of you who yesterday dropped by lured by the headline might have been gravely disappointed, and I am sorry about that.

I have been working on a post called “Gold Star Lesbian vs. Me” and is about that I find some, yes, SOME, gold star lesbians to be incredibly obnoxious when they are on a mission to tell the world that they NEVER went past the 3rd grade boy kissing, and from there went straight to (ha, ha straight) women, and by the way, never looked back and felt rather saved and proud by it at the same time – You might know the kind of characters who generally will use every opportunity that they can find to bring it up and remind you (i.e. me in this case) that not everyone need to wait to their 20’s to see the light.

Anyway as I said. I am working on the post, so it will come next week…. maybe.

Oh yes, the post also ended up on my LinkedIn page instead of the FaceBook page, and I don’t think that I have had so many views on my profile before.







The first weekend of 2016 and I used it to clean up my home

Last weekend were a success. I cleaned the whole apartment from top top buttom, did piles of laundry (You won’t believe how many machines I did) and it felt great!

I sometimes get the feeling that when I feel depressed, more stressed than usual, or when I at times are more hungry for Ben & Jerry’s than I normally am, then my place will look like shit. Sometimes it just feels like the apartment is an extension of my mental state.

Look at my place and you know how I am feeling.


Ah, I don’t know if I am that transparent. But it surely feels great.


I by the way came into the new year completely overdressed.

My neighbors had invited me to their new year party, and since I didn’t really wanted to go to the local “lesbians only” (plus lots of gay guys ready to be scandalicious) new year party this year, then I decided to say yes.

I found out that I had walked into the “straight people can’t have an uneven number of gays at their party” trap, so I were paired up with someone else who happened to be gay. That part felt a little bit forced. But I did know about her before the party, or I have seen her in places where other lesbians usually roam when they are out looking for a partner or just need something with alcohol while they are having a good time with likeminded friends.

I were by the way also completely overdressed compared to the rest of the party as well. You know in the way like you feel when you realize that you are the only one who arrived in a costume to the company Halloween party, so for a second I thought about popping back in to a pair of jeans and something more comfortable and anonymous compared to the dress that I on.

The party were a no-shoes party as where most of the guests were more or less dressed like they were at a children’s party (including paper hats), and yes there were children too, where most (but not all) were dressed in the “yes I am a parent and need to be ready to clean oatmeal blobs from the strangest places” way, so imagine jeans and comfortable clothes.

I just guess that the memo “dress nicely” sometimes means different things when you are living a single child free life compared to having children around you.

But you know it is more relaxed to not having to run around in heels on at a party that were all about good food, talks about everything from children to baby food, to what in the world dictator xyz is doing to the world.

So hey… I had a blast, I had fun and I enjoyed myself. It just surprised me that I had walked into a children’s new year party, and not an adult party. But still had a very cozy night, and ended up with too much to drink, so I at one time wondered about scaling the fence to my backyard instead of having to deal with trying to open the front door with my keys.

I guess that there were no reason for me to spend that much time on wardrobe-anxiety and eyeliner among other if I have known what kind of party it were. Yes this lesbian still cares about how she looks like and if her fashion bible is (semi) up to date. But in the end I would after all rather be the one who were overdressed than being the only one who showed up in jeans and messy hair.