Singaporean directed LGBT short film picked for film festival in Europe

Great news ladies.

Just heard that “What’s Your Sign”, a short film that were directed and written by Singaporean Alex Siow were picked as one of the 5 entries to be screened in the 2015 Belgian film festival, Holebikort.

“What’s your sign” is a short film about two friends’ secret conversation about an attractive woman that backfires. The cast included Vanessa Born, Hillary Back and Caroline Whitney Smith. 

The movie were selected from more than 150 submissions and will be screened at the festival on November 21st and on PinkScreens in Brussels as well, giving Alex’s film an opportunity to reach a wider audience that hopefully will give her strenght to make longer and more daring films in the future.

(Updated) Last year, “What’s your sign” won the audience  choice award for the Pittsburg Reel Q  Film Festival and have been screened at more than 20 film festivals around the world. It is currently in distribution in France and United Kingdom.

Alex is currently living in Los Angeles, and hope that she one day will be able to direct and produce a lesbian themed movie home in Singapore.


Good luck Alex!


3 thoughts on “Singaporean directed LGBT short film picked for film festival in Europe

  1. I am vexed by this post for some reason, I might have internet news and gorilla radio signals some how interfering more than the message, my cognitive faculties (yes i needed spellchecker) aren’t capable of getting it…. oh well accept move on. Imgur I go

    oh yeah congratulations to Alex, really hope this exposure will open up more resources and possibilities. It is a tough industry, accessibility is key, not so simple sometimes with a peer audience. Oh yeah,,, sorry good work, Singapore failure to cultivate local story tellers like Alex, is a shame. ,,,,,


    Ivan Chesnocov what a russian, tells me its fine, complexity is all style.

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