Let’s talk about Bond, Jane Bond

More from the movies it seems.

Diana Rigg, you might remember her as the scheming Olenna Tyrell from Game of Thrones, recently said in a radio interview that she would welcome a lesbian Bond. Some of you might know that she is a former bond girl (woman), or if you like me were in the dark about that, then she were starring in the 1969 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Yes, believe it or not. I am not at all up to date with what is going on in the 007 universe.

I would personally welcome a Jane Bond (What else would you call her eh??), then again I do think the boys are welcome to keep the 007 franchise to themselves, but wouldn’t mind a lesbian and I don’t mean a thi hi ha ha I’m ‘lesbian’ for the guys female Bond, but someone who could do a proper believable lesbian role that wouldn’t make me groan in pain and agony, while she kicked some bad guys and could give both Bond and Bourne a run for the money. All for the sake of her “Queen” of course.

Who could you see in the role as an double oh Jane Bond?



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