I am about to go crazy

No running and no sex makes me go “Grrrrr“.

Coming home to weeks of haze did that I couldn’t go out and run like I usually do, has made me incredible irritated!

I tried running in the haze, but gave up just after passing the 2km mark and then decided to walk back home again while wondering how it would be to run with a facemask on? I guess people who saw me running with a mask on would think I have finally lost it and gone nuts, or maybe even robbed a bank, or something worse – you know like robbing a hawker stall. In Singapore that would be a much worse crime than robbing a bank – Especially if it had to close for a day or more because of it. People would go crazy over it.

For someone like me who feel that running is just as important as taking a breath, then I can feel that my lack of running (and sex) makes me incredible irritated, so my fuse is short these days. So much that I had a moment where my emotions almost made me feel like it would be a good time to take a cry, just to get my inner frustrations cleared.

But the first episode of Greys Anatomy’s season 12 came out, and it hit all the right spots, so I finally had something serious to cry about. Ya, Ya it is true. Even though that Greys haven’t been the same without Sandra Oh, then this series can still get me to cry like flipping a switch.

And I am not ashamed at all to admit it.

… btw the first episode VERY pro LGBT with a subject that someone hmm, hmm should see so they got something to think about….

The amazing thing is that I have been able to write quite a lot the last week and managed to get a lot of thing done that I just normally don’t have time to do, or would rather postpone until next year. I even took up some assignments that weren’t really planned and my boss told me to shop something for myself as compensation for working in my “holiday”.

I emailed him a picture of a Stella McCartney bag that I have been eyeing for a while with a few question marks at the end.

His immediate reply were a picture of a plastic shopping bag, with the comment “What is wrong with this?”

Have I ever said that I love having a boss that got humor and is easy to communicate with? So I forgive him for outing me on the first day on the job, when he eagerly tried to be politically correct.

And ya ya the memo about that lesbians shouldn’t care about fashion got lost in the mail when it comes to me.

By the way. Did you know that the Singapore Police is faster to respond when your iPhone gets stolen than if you report sexual assault, and that rape cases most often gets rejected and never lead to a conviction? Working on something… but like always when dealing with the official Singapore, then sources and valid data are hard to come by.





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