I arrived and ended up running around myself for a few days and even tried to live without internet because I told my brother to cancel the cable that also included the internet when I didn’t know when I would return home. But  now when I finally returned home. PANIC!! NO INTERNET!!


I had to disable internet access from the Singapore handphone a few months ago after it got hacked, and the IT guys found traces of monitoring software (or something like that) from a company called Hacking Team. It made everyone other than me really excited, especially my employer were quite pissed.

My computer is now loaded with a crazy amount of security software and I have been equipped with a more than usual secured phone for my singapore number that I only can install “pre-approved”apps on. Think I am going to mess with the IT dep and ask them to install grindr for me just to see how they are going to react to that ha ha.

Nah I tried quite a lot of dating apps, but meh. I tried Qrushr, Brenda, Grindr, Tindr, Fridae, PinkSofa, OKCupid, Her/Dattch and lots of others in the past. But most didn’t really work for me, although I did get my 5 minutes fame for being the one with the longest lesbian OKCupid profile and even got a marriage proposal from a HK gay guy on Fridae.


Oh actually… Her formerly known as Dattch is getting interesting, just not there yet, but is kind of a Pinterest/Dating/Socializing app that is worth noticing and could be the one that might end up dominating the online lesbian dating scene in a few years time. It is not yet available in Singapore like many other places. My siblings even discussed if we should invest in it, but I ended up being the skeptical one. It is still interesting though.

Anyway, I suddenly had a lot of time to do my writing after I cleaned up the apartment since I could only get WIFI from the pool / recreational area downstairs.

When I came home it had an “odd”, “did someone die in here?” smell that I just needed to get rid of before I could feel comfortable again. Ya, ya. I had a sudden impulse of going cleaning crazy and don’t think that the apartment have been this clean since I moved in.

The smell is gone, or maybe it is just because I emptied a bottle of perfume everywhere that I could think about so any odd smells there might be is getting overpowered by my perfume for now.

Oh yes, my going “cleaning crazy” also had something to do with that I found a dead cockroach in the kitchen that initially had me see scenes from the old movie The Mummy – you know one of these scenes where bugs came running out of every crack in the wall, and well, everywhere!

I ended up writing about 8 pages about the first days/hours in Singapore that I am wondering if I should post or not. Okay maybe I will do after I have edited out the parts that is NSFW or not safe for the world to see at all. You know sometimes I just hit the keyboard without realizing what I am writing and then afterwards wonder what in the world I were thinking about and why I even dared to write these thoughts down at all….

Makes you wonder right??


Oh and who would have expected that I really missed bao so much?? I walked past a stall and then suddenly realized how long it have been since I last had one, so just-had-to-buy-one!

I see food that I need to eat everywhere I look these days.



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