This so-called lesbian is writing a book she never thought that she would be writing

In my last post I wrote about hosting a lesbian dinner at my home and that I the week after were sick.

In the afternoon of the dinner I felt so ill that I had to take plenty of ibuprofen to keep the fever down so I could stand on my legs, and get myself going through the night so I didn’t have to cancel the dinner.

The dinner went amazingly well, but couldn’t remember much from the dinner, or the major details of the conversations that I had at the dinner.

To my surprise when I got a message from one of the guest, she mentioned after thanking me for the dinner, that I had talked about making a cookbook for lesbians who hated their kitchen (yes I know it is ridiculous), and that she hoped that the recipes from the dinner that I hosted would be in it.

Stunned, I had no idea what she were talking about, but had a vague memory about talking about writing about good food that were easy to make.

Initially I flatly refused the idea. I mean why in the world should I write a cookbook? If I should write something, then I should be writing something more interesting. You know, something like a steamy lesbian romance set in parts of Singapore where people who treat the country as a hotel would never visit or something else that would be impossible to publish in Singapore because the government are so freaking scared of us so they need to make special laws to keep us out of the public, or just something that (yet again) would make half of Singapore angry at me for doing so. Yes, the Singaporean Facebook army are pretty easy to scare. Just add one pinch gay, and then mention that the Singaporean education system is fucked up, and you can hear the horde screaming at you.

And yes, it is not a lie or a long tale that I am spinning. The media in Singapore is not allowed by law to portray homosexuality in a light that even remotely can be seen as positive.

But then I thought some more about it, and wondered “yes, why in the world not?”

So I am now going to write a cookbook and I am already quite well on the way with something that is not only a challenging task to do, but also a study in how to limit myself and stick to a plan. It will be a cookbook with some short stories from my lesbian life, from my so-called lesbian kitchen and Singapore, but will still be a cookbook through and through where I focus on food that is healthy (okay, healthy enough), fun and is easy to make.

I might even write more than one because when I got into it, then I realized that I needed to limit myself before I went too crazy.

I am going to publish it on Amazon and will make both an e-book version, and a 182 page print version that will include a nicer design and layout compared to the e-book. I am also talking to some (very) smart people about making it into an app. But let’s see about that.

The plan is to complete it before the end of the year, so it can be available on Amazon in January and then see if anyone dares to make it available in bookstores in Singapore, but fat hope about that.


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