Copenhagen Airport claims that it is local culture not sexual assault when women get molested by security staff

“Do you really think it is always fun for me to do? Not every woman is attractive you know!”

That was the answer I got when I about a year ago tried to quietly object that a male security guard at Copenhagen Airport padded me down by groping my breasts with his hands on the inside of my bra, and later in public forced a hand inside of my jeans as well.

First of all, the question is how many guns, bombs, or other lethal weapons will I be able to hide inside a pair of Levis 312? How much will I be able to hide in my bra so it is it necessary for any kind of male security personnel to feel and argue that it is okay to let his hands slide inside of my clothes? And even in full public.

No privacy screens at all.

When I tried to complain some more about the way they conducted, then I were met with an rather rough reply that if there were any more troubles with me, then I would be arrested and could be sure that I would not reach my flight and then had take it up with a judge in a few days time whenever they had time to take my case, and until then I could for all that he know, rot in jail.

Given these options, you normally wish to get things done with and get away as fast as possible.

I am not usually a pushover and I am usually not one who let anyone touch me like that at all, or even let anyone get somehow close to it, but a mix of surprise and a general deep-seated fear of uniformed authority figures stunned me to such a degree that I didn’t object more than I did when it happened.

But now a female local university professor experienced it too. She openly complained about it, and described the incident that occurred to her in a local newspaper.

Like me, she were not offered privacy or that a female airport officer should take over, but to her it were later explained that passengers should actively ask for a female officer, and if they wanted privacy – as it apparently is stated on a very small screen that conveniently is placed after the security area, that hardly anyone notice at all.

I at least didn’t notice it.

The reply from Copenhagen Airport were that they stood behind their security staff, and the head of security could not be believe the “stories” that women told about his people, but that local culture made it okay that male officers did a detailed search on female passengers.

Have you experienced something similar by the security in Copenhagen Airport, or feel that they should change their practice? Then I can only urge you to contact the airport at and voice your opinion, because the more who write to them, the more difficult will it be for the airport to ignore that they have a problem with their staff.




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