Todays Cafe Quotes aka what I overheard at a Cafe while having brunch.

Yes, Yes I know I should have been writing a blog post about the five white elephants and the young boy’s 50th birthday today (Aug 9th), but I am kind a slow, so a belated greeting will come later as I am behind with a number of blog posts that I am currently working on.

I (surprisingly) overheard a conversation between two guys from the table next to me and my friends, that made me crack up.

“Being Lesbian or Gay is like having lunch with only a fork and a spoon to eat with.”, “You can get by, but it is just not efficient when you are missing something vital.”

The guys were talking just loud enough to make sure that we could hear them, since neither of us hid our preferences to life.

I were having brunch with two friends who just couldn’t keep their hands from each other because they recently found each other – again! and were at the same time busy with loudly discussing whom of their friends would be a “good” match for me.

So yes, there were a large arrow pointing our way with a sign saying “lesbians on table 2…”

3rd time in the last 6 months that they started dating each other, and they are not the subtle kinds when they are showing affection in public.

Neither should they by the way!


If were good at quick comebacks, then I would have challenged the guys on the spot, but I am one of these who sometimes need to think hard a little before I can come up with a smart reply, and quick comebacks two days after is just not that cool.

Instead I did the classic, but charming (since it is me), coffee out of the nose trick when I heard the comment that casually floated through the Cafe, and couldn’t stop laughing over what I just heard because it sounded so ridiculous that I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

These two guys obviously haven’t been to a food court or hawker centre in Singapore, where you just don’t get knifes to eat with, so I wondered if that would make people who eat with a spoon and a fork, gays in their eyes?

Because if so, then Singapore would need a new flag with more rainbows in it.


By the way, the blog post about Singapore’s 50th birthday will be named “Is Singapore male or female?”


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