A lesbian is reading lesbian books and talks to a lesbian author (sort of)

My lesbian reading list is (for the most of the time) quite transparent. I tend to read lesbian romance that sometimes is mixed with some well written (please!!) erotica or steamy scenes, but most of the time it follows the typical story about the young, unreachable and stunning medical doctor who just started on her fellowship and then meet the crewcut but equally stunning and sassy, but know it all nurse, who is more than happy to show her the ropes, so to speak.

Cue rainbows and “omg is this really what I am” emotional drama.

Sometimes I mix it up with a detective who is forced to work with the new and very likeable and stunning woman who just joined the team. She don’t like her at all and the new PD-P-something finds her senior partner disturbing to work with until sparks fly. Cue more rainbows mixed with a few unicorns as well, and some overweight unlikeable sexist male partners.

It is a lesbian romantic book, so yes, men are generally often – or at least 30-55% of them are portrayed as scum or just very unlikeable with some unpleasant tics, sticky hands and/or body odor.

So ya I am reading a lot of lesbian romance. Sorry just can’t help it and love every moment of them, even when I am told that the thing that I am reading is utter emotional rubbish and that I should be reading some more in the serious genre. You know serious books like when Lee Kuan Yew and Kim Jung Il went bare-chested out to wrestle North Korean unicorns with Putin, while they exchanged tips on how to prosecute opposition leaders or irritating bloggers in their own countries, and other similar polished ghostwritten political memoirs.

Oh no! I just dared to use Lee Kuan Yew as a sarcastic plot tool, so I guess that Lee Hsien Loong just about now is practicing on sounding like Jeffrey Goines while he is standing in front of the bathroom mirror quoting “My father’s gonna be really upset, and when my father gets upset, the ground SHAKES! My father is God! I worship my father!” over and over again until he gets the tone and pitch right, but still fails in sounding right anyway.

Yes it is true, the Singaporean PM really needs some self irony in his life.

A video blogger and blogger got sued and one (until now) jailed as well for publicly saying that they didn’t like him or the politics made by his party. So yes, blogging and writing about Singaporean politicians with the “right” surname can be risky to do.
(Made a correction on the above part. Used to say “Both a video blogger and blogger have been sued and jailed”)

I do read more serious books as well, but honestly I really love these emotional dramas – it’s similar to my most re-watched TV-series Grey’s Anatomy. Emotional drama all over, that have no relations to reality. I know it is fake and unrealistic, but can’t get enough of the drama, and always end up crying over the same things that I already know will come.

Amazing Suzie “sexy hair” Carr began to follow me on Twitter too – if you don’t know who that is (then you should be spanked), but she is the author of Tangerine Twist, The Muse and many other books that usually ends up on the top seller list on Amazon in the lesbian romance section.

You can find her books on Amazon or read about her on her personal blog.

So I followed her back when I realized that someone famous (she is to me) followed me and in a hurry re-read one of her books that I had on my Kindle. Just to be ready if she wanted to quiz me in what I remembered about her writings and books. ;)

We have for the last days been communicating back and forth through twitter, and that is amazing. You know, writing and actually getting a reply from someone who have written several books that touched you emotionally in some way is greater than I actually expected it to be.

Usually I find authors to be rather unapproachable in general so getting a reply was a plus that made me order more books from her.

No it’s not that I am all rainbows about her but she sounds like an amazing and nice person.

Anyway, she asked if I were a writer (of books), and I reluctantly admitted that I have a few failed / chronically delayed attempts behind me, so she gave me quite a few hints to how I could improve my book writing, and I started to feel to itch to continue writing that lesbian romance, with a Singaporean subplot, that I have been dying to write.

Singapore simply NEEDS more lesbian romantic books!



I feel that writing an article and writing a whole book is two different things that need different techniques to succeed. Yes, Yes I know they are both about writing and capturing the audience, but I still feel that you need to approach them differently. So while I find it very easy to write an 2,000 article in no time, then I find it incredible difficult to manage my time properly so I can complete that book that I want to do.

Suzie Carr also made several YouTube videos that is worth seeing if you are working on a book and is stuck or just need some guidance.

Her website is also full of several interesting hints and pointers on how you can succeed on not only writing your first (or next) book, but also gives you hints about all the nitty gritty things that are good to do before you start and what to do after you are done writing and is looking to get it published or how to market your self-published book.

See for yourself.




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