The nice lesbian is finally part of Facebook as well

So I finally gave in – and sorry for the test post just before, but I had to see if I could post from WordPress to Facebook without any issues, and it kind a worked.

I am not a big fan of Facebook, but a few asked me to return or asked me for my Facebook or PinkSofa profile (remember the days when that were the “is she lesbian” test??), so I have finally surrendered and created a page just for this blog that anyone who is interested obsessed could Like, stalk or comment from.

I don’t know how active I will be, but I can promise you that I won’t be doing any drunk posting, but might use it to post comments and links to interesting “lesbian” things, that are longer than 140 characters and shorter than what I feel a blog post should be, so follow me there if you feel that the lesbian fix you get here is simply not enough for you.



Todays Cafe Quotes aka what I overheard at a Cafe while having brunch.

Yes, Yes I know I should have been writing a blog post about the five white elephants and the young boy’s 50th birthday today (Aug 9th), but I am kind a slow, so a belated greeting will come later as I am behind with a number of blog posts that I am currently working on.

I (surprisingly) overheard a conversation between two guys from the table next to me and my friends, that made me crack up.

“Being Lesbian or Gay is like having lunch with only a fork and a spoon to eat with.”, “You can get by, but it is just not efficient when you are missing something vital.”

The guys were talking just loud enough to make sure that we could hear them, since neither of us hid our preferences to life.

I were having brunch with two friends who just couldn’t keep their hands from each other because they recently found each other – again! and were at the same time busy with loudly discussing whom of their friends would be a “good” match for me.

So yes, there were a large arrow pointing our way with a sign saying “lesbians on table 2…”

3rd time in the last 6 months that they started dating each other, and they are not the subtle kinds when they are showing affection in public.

Neither should they by the way!


If were good at quick comebacks, then I would have challenged the guys on the spot, but I am one of these who sometimes need to think hard a little before I can come up with a smart reply, and quick comebacks two days after is just not that cool.

Instead I did the classic, but charming (since it is me), coffee out of the nose trick when I heard the comment that casually floated through the Cafe, and couldn’t stop laughing over what I just heard because it sounded so ridiculous that I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

These two guys obviously haven’t been to a food court or hawker centre in Singapore, where you just don’t get knifes to eat with, so I wondered if that would make people who eat with a spoon and a fork, gays in their eyes?

Because if so, then Singapore would need a new flag with more rainbows in it.


By the way, the blog post about Singapore’s 50th birthday will be named “Is Singapore male or female?”

Scared in my own home

As you might already know (beause you have read all my other blog posts right??!), then I am a big chicken and can’t watch a horror movie by myself unless I got heaps of pillows and the remote near me to either turn off the TV or pause the movie when I can’t take it any longer.

And if you think it is any better when there then are other people in the room with me. Then think again!

… I were preparing myself to go to bed and quite busy brushing my teeths in the bathroom while I had a staring contest with a blackhead that very soon would get some aggressive loving, when I heard chiming sounds from a phone that turned on.

“That’s strange I thought”

All my phones were turned on, and about to get charged. Besides, the sound didn’t come from the bedroom or living room, but from my guest room that I haven’t been into since Sunday afternoon.

I looked out from the door of the bathroom and over to the guestroom that is located just to the left, while I tried to listen for any unnatural sounds from the other rooms.


Looked down to my bedroom and then back down the hall towards the living room, kitchen and the guest room where the sound just came from.

Everything were silent in the apartment.

“No, I am sure that I heard the sound of a phone that just turned on”.

My heart were starting to beat so fast that I could feel it in my throat.

My palms became sweaty, while I armed with my toothbrush wondered how intelligent it would be to walk into a room from where you just heard a sound that shouldn’t have been there.

“Yes, you know, I walked into a room from where I heard a strange sound that shouldn’t be there and then surprisingly got attacked, officer”. Ya ya, I could just imagine myself telling the police that story, or whoever found my dead corpse a few days later.


I needed to open the door so I could turn the light on in the room.

Didn’t like the idea of opening a door to a dark room with strange sounds coming from it one bit.

My heart were about to kill me while it tried to get out of my throat, and it felt like my hair were standing up and out to all sides as well.

I slowly opened the door

And of course this is the day it had to open with a loud creaking sound while I pushed it fully open.

It felt loud. But could have been a normal creaking door sound, that doors normally make just to make themselves known at the most inconvenient times.


Only darkness and a pale light coming from the kitchen, and the hall I were standing in.


Silence and that feeling of “there is something really, really wrong, so fucking run away. JUST RIGHT NOW”

I tried to ignore that, while I looked around.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

The desk in the middle of the room, facing the windows to the kitchen. The guest bed against the wall to the toilet.

I am planning to move it over to the other wall facing the neighbour, so guests could sleep through instead of getting woken up by anyone who needed to relieve themselves in the middle of the night. I mean we all hate to be woken up by the sound of a flushing toilet. Right?

The bed were where I last had left it.

But then, the top drawer from one of my in the past furniture conquests.

A light came from it?


My heart decided to run away. But I still took a step into the room towards the drawer.

It felt it would be urgently more fun to take a trip to the toilet to relieve myself.

“If anyone, or anything is hiding under the guest bed and is trying to grab my leg when I walk by, then I will fucking stab it with the toothbrush!!”


But then also remembered that I haven’t cleaned or vacuumed below it in ages, so anything hiding there would probably sneeze themselves to death while trying to hide there, just about now.

I looked behind the door.

Still lots of nothing.

I mean nothing out of the ordinary.

Claiming that there is “nothing” behind the guest room door might be the understatement of the century.

So I tiptoed over to the drawer, opened it and looked down.

“What the hell??”

The drawer is my to-do drawer. I contains well, you know, things I need to do something about, and is packed with papers, notes and knickknack that need my attention.

One day.

And on top of all that were my old phone.

My very, very old phone.

That I haven’t used in more than a year.

Turned on, with a welcome message.

At that moment I looked up at the wall clock and noticed that it said 00:03

Yep, that was it. I am done for tonight.

I am sleeping with all the lights on in every room and if I hear any more sounds or electronics that turn themselves on, then I am moving into a hotel for the night.

Good night!

Not working today, so thought that I would out my queer fridge to the world for once.

Took Monday and Tuesday of after this weekend and let me just say that I still feel the effects from whatever that I got Saturday – and I guess that say a lot about my ability to handle various types of alcohol.

Anyway let me introduce something dear to me.

My fridge!

Yes, I really don’t know what I should be doing without her.

Shop more often I guess??




Beetroot,Red Cherry Paprica w cheese, Ginger root, Lime, 2 x Cheese and Toblerone!!



Homemade strawberry / rhubarb jam (curtsey my sister and sister in law), Chicken that should have been used Yesterday!!, more jam (not homemade), 2 x Swedish mustard that I for some reason bought in Sweden, and still don’t know why I wanted to buy them and then bring them all the way back with me. Milk in a milk jug and mayo (I think).

Oh yes, lower left corner: White wine from Chile and two bottles of water.



Plums (of some sort), cooking butter, Olives!!!!. Amazingly enough I got half of a small glass left? Potatoes that need to be eaten asap. Salad (in the large box below the potatoes). Two boxes with unknown content??


(Going to look)


Turned out that I actually knew what were in the them.

Homemade by my own hands, garlic (judging by the smell; lots and lots of garlic) and dill dressing for the salad.

Watermelon and cheese salad, leftovers – with mint leaves I believe. Home created as well. (by me and me alone!!)


What I didn’t show

Top drawer: Assorted beer cans that is about to go over date, 7 types of different juices all within an acceptable date range, Apple cider that taste of butt crack, Sundried tomatoes (in a glass), Roasted red peppers also in a glass and what was long time ago supposed to be hummus.

Lower drawer (aka veggie drawer): Tomatoes (lots and too many to count), cucumber (yes, yes every lesbian need one of those – or at least to some male fantasies), red and green pepper, lemon grass, red and white(?) onions, what was once salad leaves. Old (very, very old) asparagus, ican billis – not sure why they are in that drawer?? What I am quite certain is Water spinach. Xiang Mai Chye and Pak Choi that both have seen better days.

Fridge door: Too much to mention.


You know that already, but homophobes might actually be gay?!

I knew it! The group “We are against PinkDot in Singapore” is actually a group of self denying closeted people who need our help.

So after you have seen the YouTube video, then go sprinkle them with some rainbow dust and plenty of love, because they need our help to come out.




When it is time to come home

I haven’t been home in a while, and realized that it is about time that I returned when I got the following message from my neighbour (who by the way think I am the sweetest – in a platonic heterosexual way).