I admit. I am still in the closet.

If there is one thing that I am still in the closet about, then it is that I like to play computer games!

Of all things in life, then this is one of those that I really don’t like to mention or admit that I do. Well unless someone drag it out of me, or ask me why there is a controller hidden under my coffee table.

Yes, I like to play games – Once in a while.

It is not that as soon as I get home from work, that it then turn on the Xbox and begin to shoot some aliens. Not that often anyway.

But what is there about it that I don’t really feel that I can be open about it?

I mean if I look at the statistics, then I am in the middle of the demographics.

40% of gamers is women (source from ISFE) – so yes that means that there is a very high chance that the one who just killed you in Call Of Duty could in fact have been a woman. Hah!

I am by the way an horrible Call Of Duty player myself and usually die before I get to look around, or when I stopped running because I wanted to look at the nicely done buildings and scenery. Not something that is advisable to do if you want to win in it.

1 out of 5 women play console games (source from ISFE). So what is there to feel ashamed or shy about?

I play a lot of games with my nieces and nephews when they are here or when I visit the family. Yes, I actually think Hayday or Subway Surfers are just as good computer games as large budget titles that you can get to the consoles are. So as long as they are engaged with them then I am going to have an interest in what it is they are playing and try to engage them in their own environments.

Something that I feel is a lot of fun, and I can see that they equally think it is kind a cool that their (maybe rather odd, but still cool) aunt don’t mind playing game with them.

As I said I am not really that good an Call Of Duty player, first person shooter games is not really my favourite. I can play them, but I don’t react fast enough to be a challenge to many. Besides I tend to get sidetracked when I begin to look at the designs and the fantastic art there are in many games.

I prefer games where I get to think about what to do. So I like games like Civilization, XCom Enemy Unknown and so on and were a massive fan of Diablo 2 that I played and still occasionally play with my Nephews and Nieces. Baldurs Gate, and the others in that series, and play SIMS with the nieces as well – and they can really go on and on about that game if I let them talk about it for too long.

The boys are now more into GTA, where I try to not answer my 6 yr old nephews questions about strip bars in that game….. I tell you that boy surely is going to have a breast fetish when he grows up.

Well, like father, like son so nothing surprising about that.

But it is really fun and entertaining to see how they interact with these games.

I have for the last months been deep into Alien Isolation and holy crap that game scared me so much that I could only play for maybe 10-15 minutes at a time where I practically stayed under the same table in the game for the whole duration that day, while the Alien kept stomping around the medical centre, until I turned off the game again because I couldn’t take it any longer.

First and only game that I had to play with practically a pillow in front of my face.

I finally completed the game and is going to play it again soon – or one day.

Loved the game.  Hated the ending.

Ever since I for the first time watched Alien at an way, way, way too young age, then I have been a massive fan about the series – just ask my 3 cats. Ripley, Newt and Jonesy about that.

No I don’t have any cats any longer. 2 died of old age and one were drowned by an neighbour, that crazy dick. So it’s been some years since I had cats now.

Ya ya I thought I were oh so original but later realized that several others have had the same ideas about cat names as me.

Big fan of the Alien universe – and kickass Ripley.

Sigourney Weaver is for more than one reason an amazing icon to me.

So being able to play a game that were that deep and detailed about the Alien universe were an amazing experience to me, and I would have loved to just run around and press buttons and look at all the details that reminded me about the future seen from an 1980’s design style.

By the way. One day I am going to jump out of the closet in Alien Isolation, stomp hard on the Aliens tail and then jump into the closet to hide again. Just to see what is going to happen – but I guess I already know that.

But, besides that horrible game, then I usually prefer games that I can pause and have time to think about what to do next and strategize about. This is the games I like to play. First person shooter games where you have to be super on all the time is not really my cup of tea and with these I very much prefer to sit and see others play, compared to being the one who is engrossed in the games – in that way I will have time to study the amazing environments and graphics much better too.

But for all there is too it, then I am actually emotionally an closeted computer player, and not something that I openly admit to others that I do or “once in a while” like to do.

Or, if my co-workers ask me why I look so tired? Then my answer more often will be “Oh I read a book and time got away from me.”, instead of admitting that I might have spend a few hours playing a game before going to bed the day before.


(originally written as a commission piece)


4 thoughts on “I admit. I am still in the closet.

  1. Where do you live? It looks like we’re on the opposite sides of being in closet. :P Why are you exactly not telling the truth about gaming?
    I play (PC) games on a whim, sometimes it’s everyday, sometimes I don’t play a lot in months. Well, at least MMORPG games. Because I play some Android/Linux games too. And I love Humble Indie Bundle. Doesn’t matter if the game is “big name” or not, as long it gives you fun is great. :)


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