13 Thoughts Only Lesbians Will Understand – said by a German!

Do you know how hard it is NOT to make any lists on my own?

But thanks to the internet then I don’t really have to, I just link to someone else who stole my thoughts or simply said the same that I wanted to say but came up with them earlier than I did.

When I started this blog, I made a rule that I did not want to make any lists whatsoever and post them here on my blog.

It is a really, really difficult rule to follow because I make lists (besides shopping lists) in my head all the time! – and some of them actually should have been on this blog. You know lists like “Top 10 women I have seen today who should be gay.” and so on.

Anyway, my most recent follower, is a German (ironic Italics) Barcelonian (I firmly believe that is a word) who once in a while make YouTube videos, and she made this list that everyone can relate to.

Okay, I really object to the one about male teenagers, but else…

See for yourself.

By the way. I only got ONE flannel shirt in my closet, and haven’t used it in ages.

Speaking of German, I once had some really interesting talks with a German woman whom I meet on OKCupid (yes I had a profile there..), and she told me that Munich did not have any lesbian cafes or clubs and she didn’t think there really were any in Germany?? Huh? How can that be?? Is that true?



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