And yet another thing that I missed in my lesbian life.

Just like I never got the Girl Scouts “Ultimate guide to all things lesbian” when I joined the club, then I constantly tend to find that I am missing out on a lot of things in the lesbian pond, and today I yet again found one more that I have been missing out on!

Yes, I honestly smell a conspiracy against me!

Maybe I am just not likeable enough?.. Is that it??



I came by what was supposed to be Australia’s most successful Lesbian drama when I were researching the streaming services from “One More Lesbian”.

The show “Starting From … Now” that I until now had completely missed and never heard about before today, managed in it’s first 12 months after it were released to get more than 10 million views.

In short I missed an instant internet success.

That news simply blew my mind. I mean how can it be that no one around me didn’t tell me about this amazing show??

Starting From … Now!” is an online drama that explores the lives of four inner-Sydney lesbians as they struggle to work out who they are, find a place where they belong, and maybe even find someone to love along the way, and is from my point of view an amazing drama that I wish could have been made in Singapore.

The show is a one camera style produced show with a planed budget of about 250,000 sgd. My guess is that the realized budget were much less than that. Each episode is kept shorter than 10 minutes and got 6 episodes a season. The filming and editing is great and done in a much better quality than many feature lenght Lesbian dramas can match, so they got some post production and behind camera staff who really know what they are doing and if you can live with the limitations and acting challenges that a less than 10 min episode gives, then the acting is amazing as well. Lauren Orrell who is playing one of the lead characters is all in and outacting everyone else in the show.

It is a show that is perfect for you to see in the bus or MRT on the way to work, in your lunch break, or whenever you have 7-8 minutes to spare. Like you wouldn’t dare to see it while you were working right?

But why in the world haven’t anyone done something like this in Singapore? I would personally go to great lenghts to promote it and honestly would have such a Tom Cruise @ Opera moment at the same time, that I am sure that my reaction to it would become an instant meme as well.

You can find all the episodes of “Starting From … Now” on their Youtube page, or you can slowly view the first episode below before you fall in love with it.

If you want to know more about the cast and writers behind the show, then their webpage is worth a visit too.




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