Is it morally okay that gay haters in Singapore attack children of same-sex couples?

We are now a few days away from Pink Dot and I am seriously pissed!

As I mentioned before we have in Singapore a small but very hateful group who feel entitled and righteous to attack everyone and anyone that does not conform to their own narrow minded world view. That is anyone who is living within the LGBTQA sphere in or around Singapore.

And now they found a new victim to attack.

Or said in another way.

They just realized that lesbian couples can have children together. Initially they were baffled by that idea. How did that compute? Huh? Two women with a child?? They – were – stunned! Wa! In Singapore!!?

I guess that things like IVF and other means of artificial insemination are mostly unknown to them.

I am not saying that that group is the sum of the Singaporean intellectual elite, actually they are most likely very far from it.

The group recently hit a new low point when they decided to attack a little girl and her two (wonderful) parents, because they not only dared to be so brave that they are living in Singapore as an all too normal family, with the small exception that they are a lesbian couple, with everyday boring issues. But then the couple even dared to blog about it in a way, so even a blind person could see that same-sex couples with children is just as doable as heterosexual couples with children.

In fact they even manage to show that their child is happy and very functioning in a family like theirs, and that even same-sex couples have troubles with getting their children to eat vegetables.

Somewhere else in Singapore, peoples faces exploded by the news.

“Gaaah! How can it be that a nuclear lesbian or a gay family can be this happy! That is just so sick!!”

Dear Vernon Chen, Siti Scarlett Zubaidah, Peter Shee, Zaid Lazim, Shamsuria Nor, Siti Scarlett Zuibaidah, Gina Ngiam, Hashim Yuof, Adeline Ho, Mary Tian (who believe homosexuality is like child pornography), Evan Lee and Nina Hong; Do you really believe that growing up with two mothers is a danger to a childs growth and future adult life?

Well, The kids are just fine, thank you very much. Actually, they’re much better than your kids.

According to studies done in the past years, then children of lesbian parents are actually more accepting to democratic attitudes about society than their peers from heterosexual households, are more well rounded and is better able to handle conflicts compared to children who grow up in heterosexual nuclear families according to several studies.

Yes, yes I know. Having a “democratic” attitude in Singapore, might be an issue….

Read the studies “Children Reared By Female Couples Score Higher on Good Citizenship Than Children Reared by Heterosexual Parents“, “The Australian study of child health in same-sex families: background research, design and methodology ” and “The National Lesbian Family Study: 4. Interviews With the 10-Year-Old Children” for more information about these studies. They are quite interesting reads.

Abbie Goldberg from Clark University in Massachusetts who researches homosexual parenting, told LiveScience in 2013 that gay parents “tend to be more motivated and more committed than heterosexual parents on average, because they chose to be parents.” Accidental pregnancies rarely happen in homosexual couples compared to almost 50% of the time for heterosexual couples. Simply choosing to be parents makes a significant difference in whether you will take your parenting responsibilities seriously or not.

Stephen Scott head of research at the National Academy for Parenting Practitioners in United Kingdom, said in 2013 that gay women are better at raising children than traditional parents.

He justified his maybe slight controversial view that research shows that children of two mothers are more ambitious and fight more for social justice than children brought up by a mother and a father.

Daughters of lesbian parents are more likely to look at subjects that traditionally have been considered masculine, for example: Engineering, Medicine and Legal subjects. And that children of lesbians and gays are not becoming “more” gay or seek out gay relationships more often than children of heterosexual parents.

So just because we want to have children on our own, then that does not mean that we will populate and take over the world with our homosexuality.

Well,….okay…. not yet at least.

That anyone, ANYONE, say that same-sex couples are not fit to be parents, simply just don’t have their facts straight – so to speak, hm, and need to look closer into the subject of what it take for same sex couples to become parents and the efforts that we will have to go through, as we most often are not given the same financial benefits as heterosexual couples get.

As gay parents, there WILL be questions that they (we) will have to take with the children that heterosexual parents don’t have to take. But as an adaptable spieces, then we are able to get over the strangest things and still come out on top on it. Besides, someone else have already gone through it before and either written a book about it as a self-help book, or written an easy step by step guide too. So there are really nothing to be concerned or pissed about when it comes to children of gay parents.








And yet another thing that I missed in my lesbian life.

Just like I never got the Girl Scouts “Ultimate guide to all things lesbian” when I joined the club, then I constantly tend to find that I am missing out on a lot of things in the lesbian pond, and today I yet again found one more that I have been missing out on!

Yes, I honestly smell a conspiracy against me!

Maybe I am just not likeable enough?.. Is that it??



I came by what was supposed to be Australia’s most successful Lesbian drama when I were researching the streaming services from “One More Lesbian”.

The show “Starting From … Now” that I until now had completely missed and never heard about before today, managed in it’s first 12 months after it were released to get more than 10 million views.

In short I missed an instant internet success.

That news simply blew my mind. I mean how can it be that no one around me didn’t tell me about this amazing show??

Starting From … Now!” is an online drama that explores the lives of four inner-Sydney lesbians as they struggle to work out who they are, find a place where they belong, and maybe even find someone to love along the way, and is from my point of view an amazing drama that I wish could have been made in Singapore.

The show is a one camera style produced show with a planed budget of about 250,000 sgd. My guess is that the realized budget were much less than that. Each episode is kept shorter than 10 minutes and got 6 episodes a season. The filming and editing is great and done in a much better quality than many feature lenght Lesbian dramas can match, so they got some post production and behind camera staff who really know what they are doing and if you can live with the limitations and acting challenges that a less than 10 min episode gives, then the acting is amazing as well. Lauren Orrell who is playing one of the lead characters is all in and outacting everyone else in the show.

It is a show that is perfect for you to see in the bus or MRT on the way to work, in your lunch break, or whenever you have 7-8 minutes to spare. Like you wouldn’t dare to see it while you were working right?

But why in the world haven’t anyone done something like this in Singapore? I would personally go to great lenghts to promote it and honestly would have such a Tom Cruise @ Opera moment at the same time, that I am sure that my reaction to it would become an instant meme as well.

You can find all the episodes of “Starting From … Now” on their Youtube page, or you can slowly view the first episode below before you fall in love with it.

If you want to know more about the cast and writers behind the show, then their webpage is worth a visit too.



Important life choices to do before this weekend begins

In a few days you will have to make one of the more important decisions in your life that will not only affect you personally, but all of your peers in the Singaporean LGBT sphere as well.

You have 2, maybe 3 choices to make this coming weekend. Should you go to the biggest event in Singapore? Should you stay home in your closet and decorate it with unicorns? Should you proudly announce to the world that your phone is turned off and that you are not contactable before Monday morning, and that you might not be efficient at work (but who is ever efficient on a Monday morning??) either?

On June 13th you really should be going to Pink Dot, don’t show up in white, come in the most pink color that you can find. If you are not a femme pillow princess then okay, pink might not be something that you carry in your wardrobe collection, any other color is fine too. Just Show Up.

But Orange Is The New Black Season 3!!! is released this weekend too! So do you really – I mean seriously – Do you even have time to go to Pink Dot??What is more important? A whole Pink Dot day with likeminded, or binge watch the whole weekend?

OITNB or meeting your new girlfriend?

OITNB or getting a hug from a hot sexy stranger?

Yes I know. It is just easier to slip into your old worn out tiger slippers and stay in your old tee and sloggi’s the whole weekend, and refuse to leave your home while you send everyone else an happy thought, a heart and a Like on Facebook while you are waiting for the new episode to load.

But is that really enough? Is it enough to Like Pink Dot on Facebook? Wouldn’t it be more fun to be part of those who is able to say “Yes, we beat last year’s Pink Dot turnout. We were there!”.

So…. what is most important? Pink Dot or binge watch Orange Is The New Black the whole weekend?

Oh the choices and sacrifices that we have to make in life.