The parliament unanimously passed the rights to same-sex marriage

In a stunning move the parliament unanimous passed the rights to same-sex marriages and adoptions with an 27 for and 0 votes against allowing same-sex marriages in the country.

Greenland Gay Pride

The bad news about this is that it was not the Singaporean parliament who unanimous passed this, but the parliament in Greenland. Once again Singapore is left in the dust when it comes to basic human rights.

So one more country to put on the “Countries that I must visit before I die” list. Actually wanted to see the country before they passed the same-sex marriage bill, but that is just another incentive to bring Miss Sexy with me so we can experience it together.

AirBnb rentals prices in Greenland are not that bad, and quite interesting to see the Greenland homes. Sorry no igloos or ice bear rugs. See AirBnb rentals here. Too bad that SIA does not fly direct.

Read the full story here and here.

Pictures from the 2014 Greenlandic gay pride can be seen here (not in English).


Queer Life In Singapore: From Anti-Gay Censorship To Pink Parties

After my last post a few minutes back, then I were given the heads up on this one from Huffington where they interview sexy man Paerin Choa :)  from Pink Dot.

See the interview here. I tried to include the video onto the page, but couldn’t get it to work.

I pray for your HIV soul when it go to Hell

There is an active anti-gay group who have more than 4,000 members that includes Doctors, Directors and even includes several police officers. Generally – or mostly – it is a group of people from the lower social end of the Singapore.

They use Facebook and Tumblr groups to organize rally’s against pro LGBT personalities and organizations who support the LGBT movement in Singapore, and from what I can see then they feel that Pink Dot is a very personal insult to everything Singaporean.

They take pride in the number of dislikes on YouTube videos they can generate when Pinkdot or other pro-gay organizations post videos there and take pride in organizing and advice it’s members on how to attack people and companies who are positive towards LGBT rights in Singapore.

The group members are not always factual right. Facts is not really something they spend much time on and if you study (not even in a detailed way) them then they are more often factual wrong in what they are saying.

For example according to some of them HIV and Ebola is only something that happens to homosexuals. Heterosexuals can’t get HIV. Christian and Muslim heterosexuals especially can’t. That is according to them.

Thoughts and believes like that are outright dangerous to everyone in Singapore.

Most of them wish Singapore back to the pre Facebook and Internet days where free speech were more limited – not that there are real free speech in Singapore today, but it is better than when I went to school in Singapore.

The last couple of days I have tried to contact members of the group as I am trying to find out about their thinking and reason for why they are acting like they do.

Unfortunately out of the 60 people that I have contacted either by email, social media, phone and I don’t know what, then not a single one wanted to talk to me. Not one wanted to stand by what they believe – or at least say in the so-called “anonymity” of Facebook. Most became outright surprised and even angry at me when I contacted them, but refused to come out of their own closet to have a talk about why they organize and promote hate speech against LGBT’s in Singapore – and elsewhere.

They don’t really like to get challenged or told when they are wrong.

Or like one told me “I pray for your HIV (infested) soul when it go to Hell” when I challenged Her/Him on YouTube.

But why do they hate us so much?

It is clear that not a single one of these more than 4,000 people personally know – or is aware of – any gay or lesbians in their personal life’s. They don’t socialize with anyone like us. They don’t wish to go into an open discussion about why we want to be recognized.

They don’t get that we are all in for family values and that we want the same rights as they do, so we can secure our families. Not more than they have.



But they see us as a threat to what they know and feel that we are dangerous to them and what “they”, the “others” represent. They see the Pink Dot supporters even grow larger and larger every year. They see more and more come out of their closets and say, “yes I am gay and find other men hot”, “yes I like other women like me”, “I like everyone so much that I want to share my flower with any gender”, or even come out and say “I am not supposed to be in this body”.

And it scares them.

It makes them feel uncomfortable.

Those few see themselves as they are the minority and not part of the heterosexual majority.

Every year they see that Pink Dot get’s larger and larger and that it has even become larger their own local religious community.

It is not like it is either religion or homosexuality. But to many of them it is turning into a religious quest where they see that homosexuality is dangerous to their own religious believes. Something like that is outright ridiculous, and I feel it is absolutely possible to be religious and still be gay at the same time. Yes it is possible to pray and still be gay. I am even sure that anyone who is gay will be heard just as much as heterosexuals get’s heard by whoever they now pray to.

Same sex couples can have great, fantastic and fulfilling families together. They can have wonderful children. They can take care of them just as well – and sometimes even better than heterosexual couples.

But Pink Dot scares them.

The idea of same-sex families scares them.

It makes them feel uncomfortable.

To them, it is just yet another party they feel that they aren’t invited to, and they hate the idea of it.

To them it is not Singaporean and is yet another evil western scheme to ruin the pure Singapore.


The Is it a Sex Toy or Dog Bone quiz

I could have sworn, cross my heart and all that, that I wrote about sex toys vs. dog toys on this blog earlier??

Maybe it is still one of these now more than 200 drafts that I will never finish and could just as well be deleted.

But since I didn’t write about it, then Buzzfeed decided to do something to get ahead of me and created the Is it a Sex Toy or Dog Toy quiz for you to take.

So what are you waiting for?! Go take it and score better than I did. (I aced it of course).

This test also says everything about why I DON’T have a dog. I mean just imagine a dog running around in the house with the wrong kind of toy in its mouth when there are guests present.

Ew! Anyway…. Just sidetracking while trying to write about what I didn’t know was supposed to be a date.

It’s World Press Freedom Day and Singapore just gave it the middle finger.

World Press Freedom Day and what do you think happens in Singapore?

Today is the World Press Freedom Day in Most countries. Well, not in countries like North Korea, Russia and Singapore. But anywhere else then it is the day where the world celebrate freedom of the press across the world.

Singapore did have its own way of giving its middle finger to anyone who believes in and advocates for freedom in the press, and that was to shut down the critical and most often anti governmental news website The Real Singapore, usually called TRS by Singaporeans.

Singaporeans LOVE 3 letter abbreviations more than anything else. LOVE THEM.

The Real Singapore were more popular than most governmental controlled newspapers and in the last days ended up with more monthly readers than for example The Straits Times, who is tightly controlled by the ruling party in Singapore, and is a paper who won’t be saying or writing about the supposed nepotism that happens in the public offices in Singapore, among other. The Real Singapore also gave a voice to the very small and oppressed opposition there is in the country, but will mostly be known for being instrumental in revelations of several newsworthy cases that would never have founds it way to the public, if official news media’s like The Straits Times or Channel News Asia should have reported on it.

That the government shut it down on the World Press Freedom Day is no coincidence, and is just a simple statement saying fuck off to the rest of the world and other critical online magazines  that focus on giving Singaporeans an alternative source of local news. Generally making this a warning to other online papers who dare to challenge the position and disrupts the opinions that the Singaporeans government want to  send to the general public.

While I didn’t agree with a number of TRS’s biased views myself, then it were also one of the few sites where the Singaporean pro LGBT voices could be heard by a larger group of Singaporeans. So shutting TRS down will unfortunately also hurt those who fight for love in the PinkDot.

Who will take over? Will two new heads spring out from where TRS left of? Will someone buy the remains of TRS and run it offshore?

I don’t believe that this is the end as Singapore needs an independent voice that is not run by the usual suspects.