“Singapore is a very pro gay and loving country!”

I had someone screaming, cursing and yelling at me and concluded that I only wrote that now infamous blog post to discredit Singapore, that Singapore is a very pro gay and loving country and I only used my niece to promote my “gay agenda” to foreigners.

First of all, I am sorry but the only ones who actually cared about that blog post were Singaporeans, less than 5% of the now more than 40,000 came from abroad so it was a storm in a very small glass of water. (The numbers are from wordpress stats, so they could be all wrong. No idea if they are or not..)

Besides if I wanted to discredit Singapore, then I would in no way whatsoever use young innocent family members.

The public Singapore already provided enough bullets to get our country to the list as one of the world’s most non accepting countries – yes another list where Singapore is in the top.

If any gay, bi or lesbian can overcome the social pressure for being what they are, then Singapore do offer some low key parties and watering places for likeminded. It is possible for a single gay man or a gay woman, to have a social life without getting stoned to death.

The risk of getting ridiculed or Stomped is still very high.

Coming out as transgendered in Singapore is pure hell from what I hear.

I have heard, but never experienced it myself, that some gay couples having an romantic evening out together were denied service on several occasions.

Singapore is MUCH better than Malaysia. I mean the religious police don’t kick in the doors to hotel rooms because two women rent a room together and get arrested because they are found in the vicinity of an unopened and unused vibrator.

Do the Malaysia authorizes classify it as an unstable dangerous object that can go off anytime soon? Did they need a bomb disposal crew to get it secured?

There are quite a number in the LGBT community who use the “don’t rock the boat” approach, just keep their heads down, and live a “productive” closeted life, and feel somehow happy about that life. Good for them.

The police after all don’t beat us up when PinkDot is celebrated, or throw us into “reformation” camps, so doesn’t that mean that Singapore is accepting??

I am sorry but no other civilized country has since WW2 decided to publicly ban and incinerate “gay themed” books from their libraries.

Do you really understand the bias that are against same-sex couples and what they have to go through to even get recognized in our country?

God help them if they have children together.

Can same-sex couples be allowed to buy an HDB together on the same level as heterosexual couples can?

Can same-sex couples be allowed to adopt?

Singapore is practically a closed country for expat same-sex couples. The energy and mountains that they need to move to get the partner in is stunning. Same-sex couples can’t get a Dependant’s Pass or a Long Term Visit Pass for their partners.  Well you can if you are an NUS scholar, but for a mere mortal couple, then it is impossible.

The wear white campaign. Do I need to say more about that? Do I need to mention that both Christian and Muslim leaders are actively warning about giving “us” gay’s any rights whatsoever, and they are still complaining about PinkDot.

A group of top religious and business leaders have funded an political active group with the focus to make sure that the politicians don’t change their pro “family value” view. Translated to “give LGBT’s any rights.”

The churches and local religious authorities actually spend more time discussing the LGBT community, than they do on discussing Singaporeans who join terrorist groups and activities, and how to prevent them from joining. Does that make us more dangerous than ISIS to them?

It’s perfectly fine for companies to terminate an employee if the person is gay, or at least history says that they can do so without any consequences.

What other country allows its current standing politicians to use anti gay slurs and online campaigns to remind the public that a contending politician is gay?

LGBT groups are not allowed to arrange a “Pink Run”. Because of the public interest. That means that Singaporeans will be upset if “we” run in a group, according to the Police. Eh?? What is disturbing about seeing a group of buff fit gay men running? That spectators might find it attractive and spontaneously run after with them?? (In a sound of music style of course)

I don’t know. Maybe it is our unicorn and rainbow superpowers that scares the police.

Do I need to mention the countless number of times where movies either have been banned, or is so heavily censored that they lost all meaning about the movie? That international singers and artists have been warned about their performances and told that they should not dare to sing songs that even hint about any “gayness”.

Singapore were the only country in the world who censored the absolutely best part of V for Vendetta when it came out. I am not sure if you now can get the full movie on DVD.  But who actually buy DVD’s today?

The A-Mei concert anyone?

Yes I got issues with 377A, but I got bigger issues about our media laws who states that it is illegal to advocate for homosexuality or lesbianism in online media.

ANY website local or foreign MUST register with MDA if they got content of homosexual nature (hold on. Might need to register….). That TV stations can’t have or promote gay characters in their show but still cherish local gay actors as long as they don’t admit openly that they are gay and get irritating about it – like publicly mentioning that they are living with a partner. Even the most obvious one(s) – and let’s not mention the fine for you know THAT kiss on Channel 5.

Or non-kiss, kiss….

I believe that Singapore is the only country that censored Glee for its gay and lesbian contents so much that they just as well could have skipped whole seasons of the show.

I got bigger issues with that straight people want to keep the country’s most boring public office to themselves – you know the one that can be found on 7 Canning Rise (it’s the Registry Of Marriage, also called ROM). I sometimes believe that they keep it that boring so they discourage too many to get married at the same time so they can Facebook some more.

Just imagine if PLU’s could get registered too. Public workers there would have no time to complain on blog posts they miss the point about.

But I want to get married with my partner in Singapore.

IKEA anyone….  Well yes IKEA owes me a gift basket because my blog post made everyone forget about them.  So pay up gentlemen.

Singapore. The world’s most gay accepting country.


It’s still a no. I don’t have an “agenda” or a “gay agenda”. But I still want to bitch and rant about our lack of basic rights.

And the fuck no. I would and will never use my niece to promote a cause like that. If you really believe so, then you missed every point there were in that post, and everything about this blog too by the way.


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