Oh just shut up and kiss me!

Was just reminded about the movie “Kyss Mig”, or as it is called in English “With Every Heartbeat”, in a comment to a blog post. I told her that I have seen the movie, but then began to think back about it and remembered that I only managed to watch about half of it before I turned it off again in irritation.

Disturbing movie!



Told S… that I couldn’t see it because it were so horribly bad. Oh sweet, gorgeous, protective S… (ya ya I know that you are reading it, so don’t blush).

But then tonight I watched it again, and I realized why it was so disturbing to me.

And the movie turned out to be quite good. Cheesy ending.

I like cheesy romantic endings.

The movie reminded me about K… I mean the blonde actress. Shit… crap. looking at that blonde hair, those blue eyes and that Swedish voice. Absolutely horrible.

7ish years ago I met this amazing, strong, gorgeous Swede that simply swept me away and forever would be the one I would measure any other date and lovers with. She taught me to be me. She transformed me from a lesbian girl to a lesbian woman. She made everything inside me melt whenever I heard her voice, felt or smelled her. She made me forget any other lover that I had before her.

I simply couldn’t think if she were near me.

Pink fluffy clouds were just so real!


She broke up with me.

We didn’t talk for years.

But after a while, we began to stay in contact through emails and so. Met once in a while, but it were only years later that I could really stand to be in a room with her and relax again.

And then I introduced her to my at that time very straight colleague – and they f…. married each other!!! She moved to Sweden and is now living MY life! grrr

So I hated, absolutely hated “Kyss Mig”/ “With Every Heartbeat” and could not stand watching it because it reminded me what I was supposed to have.

Or part of me did. I don’t really have this obsessive stalker ex-girlfriend gene in me. Suffering in silence is more me. Or rather letting everyone know that I am suffering in silence and that I need support. Without wanting it of course.

Tonight I loved “Kyss Mig”. I watched it till the end and that “grrr” I used to have in body were gone, empty, finished, so I could see the movie for what it was without any baggage and didn’t have that “okay, this is just too close and too much, so I better turn it off now” kind of feeling.

The film is about two women. One is about to marry her long time boyfriend, and the other an out and proud lesbian is in her own relationship, but one evening, the two of them get together and sparks fly between them…. cue cupid, rainbows and unicorns.

A very typical “female nurse meets female doctor riding on a unicorn” kind of movie and even with more than decent acting. Some mishaps here and there and the love scenes were acceptable too (I have seen much worse). So a movie worth watching after all.

Thanks for reminding me about it.




If you want to ready more about K.. and my colleague, then you could read Drinks With Colleagues.




One thought on “Oh just shut up and kiss me!

  1. I forgot how much I love how you tell a story until I reread the old blog post “Drinking with Colleagues ” . The scenes and emotions you expressed in words often appear as visual to me when I read.

    Keep it up!

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