Books: Angel Fire by Gerri Hill

“A vacation out of the city sounds like just the ticket for Tori Hunter and Sam Kennedy. Joining their Dallas Police Department pals Casey O’Connor and Leslie Tucker in a rented RV, they set out for the New Mexico mountains—and on a collision course with a manhunt.

FBI agents Cameron Ross and Andrea Sullivan are tracking a deadly quarry in desolate territory. An ex-teammate from Cameron’s Special-Ops days is in deep hiding, planning who-knows-what to cap off a killing spree. With a hostage at stake and time running out, Cameron reluctantly agrees to outside help from women she doesn’t know…or trust.

In the crossover that fans have been clamoring for, it’s a heart-pounding race against time that challenges the courage and commitment of the exceptional women from Gerri Hill’s Hunter’s Way and Devil’s Rock Series.”


Gerri Hill is by far one of my favorite authors, and I will usually be the first in line to get her book when she publish something new.

Angel Fire, is the book that was demanded by her fans. It is the book that bought the characters from the Hunters series, and Devil’s Rock series together.

Unfortunately I am mixed about the book. I liked it, it was as usual well written, but I at the same time felt it were forced and wondered if it wouldn’t have been a better read if she solely had made it a book in the Devil’s Rock series and left the characters from the Hunters series out of it.

If you haven’t read her books before, then find her older works first. Not that it is bad and that you shouldn’t read it. It is a book that every book lover of lesbian books should read (read all her books), but it needs the background stories of the characters to be really appreciated.


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