She kisses like Tinkerbells Rainbows

I visited my friend in Brussels just a few days before Christmas. You might remember her as my “Chronically unemployed” friend from down the street in my earlier blog posts.

She is the one who find locked doors a personal insult, and before she moved to Brussels I have often suspected her to one day sprint around the building and climp the fence if I didn’t open the door fast enough for her, when I dared to insult her by locking the front door.

I guess that the best way to describe her is to just say that she is a real life “adult” version of a Luna Lovegood copy, with very white hair that seems to defy gravity – or 30% of it seems like it does, the rest is just all over the place in some sort of a cute artistic pixie way. She is simply the last flower power lesbian in the world and have a very strange funny way of talking and describing things when we are in private.

But earlier this year she stopped beeing chronically unemployed and began working for the European Union.

For an insane salary!

I mean one of those “OMG. You are SO going to pay for all the drinks this weekend and all the next year” salaries, and I think that if more European voters really got to know about the salary levels, then they would riot in the streets.

She got herself into a suit as well.

That is just kind a crazy when in all the time I have known her, she has been walking around in eco friendly hippie products that could make any environmentalist die with a happy smile on their face.

And now she even got a girlfriend that “kisses like Tinkerbells Rainbows”. It would then be all up to my imagination what that was supposed to mean? But I guess something really nice, that made her knees soft and her pelvic do some crazy moves while they kissed.

Or something like that.

Her new girlfriend really don’t like me staying over for the weekend and mastered the passive aggressive look of “oh I am SO NOT going to leave the two of you alone for one minute this weekend” to a perfection, and every time they showed eah other affection or kissed each other in front of me, then I got the “die!!” look from her.

And yes, with at least two exclamation marks.

Guess my stay were going to be as short as possible.


And then you thought that I would get to the point of this blog post right? Well, I lost track of what it was that I wanted to say, saved the post and took off to my christmas vacation with my sisters and brothers family in Amsterdam, and forgot all about the point, this message and what in the world that I wanted to tell you.

So I could either just delete it, keep it until I remembered what it was that I wanted to say, or post it. So I posted it mainly because I loved the headline and didn’t know what else to write with a topic like that.

Oh it were something about new girlfriends and lesbian BFF’s. I’ll remember it later.



One thought on “She kisses like Tinkerbells Rainbows

  1. I am insanely jealous…what super power does ur frd have?i want leh…..having been unemployed and suddenly got a high paying job….and have a gf….so lucky/power!

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