No more posts from me

This year!.

But I guess that I willl be back in January.

I need some time with Ben & Jerrys, and will scoop up all the ice cream that I can find in the area, maybe cut my hair at two in the morning or so and buy wine in no less than 3 liter cartons while I listen and sing to the romantic playlists that I can find on Sportify.


Well, yes I did think about all that since yesterday evening and even thought about going back to confront that crazy goldstar lesbian that I had an argument with at the bar a few weekends back – it’s always good to be the one who can come up with good comebacks weeks after you needed it.

I already did reruns of Grey’s Anatomy and can’t stand going through that one again this soon.

And I did earlier think, while looking into the mirror, that my hair looked too straight and that it might be better with a more gay and shorter hairstyle. You know just so they (you know, them!) stop seeing me as the femme lesbo.

But first I need to find out a way to stop posting immediately after I have written, because I feel like I am going to go through a period of a major crazy emotional drama, so I should really keep my hands away from keyboards, emails and texting.

Any communication from my side should just be banned right now.

Anyway I got 26 drafts that need to be completed in the draft folder on this blog, so maybe I will spend the weekend completing them as I should have done a long time ago, while I talk to my sister on the phone (who perfected the art of eye rolling through the phone and e-mails), but else I will be on a what I officially will call “Christmas break”, but I guess is just something completely else, that makes me feel not to write right now.



2 thoughts on “No more posts from me

    • Thanks! That is so nice to hear.

      I have just told my best friend in life that the two of us is not going to happen any longer, and after less than 24 hours I am already wondering if I did the right thing, so I know myself well enough that if I do any more posts here then I will do something incredible stupid, that I might regret later on.

      I will be back, just don’t know when yet.

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