I am still alive

Urgh, work is killing me slowly.

If you have read my earlier posts, then you would know that I have changed to a smaller office from the previous one that I worked in. This also include no more business class trips and have to fly on economy class. There are no more express lanes to me either, so that also means that I can’t make eyes and smiles to the clearly lesbian airport security officer any longer. Well, I haven’t directly asked her and my gaydar have failed me more times that I would like to admit. But I am 100% certain that she is lesbian, at least 80%.

She didn’t mind my smiles or when I complimented her crewcut hair.

And have on more occasion commented on my choices of paperbacks in my hand.

I have a habit of bringing one or two paperbacks of lesbian authors with me and usually one that I carry in my hand when entering the airport, while the other is packed far away in the suitcase, you know as a subtle way to say “hey there” to anyone who might be looking my way.

It’s my secure way of saying “yep” this is me. (Yay) I am on team L. To anyone who might know the book or the author. It’s kind of my substitute for rainbow colored earrings and jewelry.

Btw. What is it with lesbian romances that have a guy on the cover page of the paperback? The books are clearly written for lesbian readers, so what is the point with a male on the cover?


But I spend close to a week in what was supposed to be Scotland – the independent country, but ended up being hmm just Scotland, part of United Kingdom, and afterward met up with my sister in London.

Had a strange, but funny experience with a Scottish taxi driver, and at least much more positive than what I have experienced with the last Singaporean taxi driver that I in sheer irritation told that I were gay, when I were constantly pushed for the race of my husband. Apparently it is understood that I can’t be single among some groups of men. I am writing about that later – or soon. Just need to rewrite some of what I already have written in that post. Anyway when you see it, then it is done. Soon.

In a few days.

I have been swamped with work the last weeks. In fact had so much work that I haven’t even had energy – or time to make my daily runs. And I OCD on running, so I have been walking around in a seriously irritated and foul mode. Mostly at myself, because it feels like my ass is growing bigger every day that I haven’t been able to go for my runs. But TOMORROW(Actually today, I were supposed to post this yesterday) I am going to run again.

After I have cleaned out my apartment.

It’s not that I am a complete neat freak, but I like things and especially my apartment to be clean and be, you know “orderly” in my kind of orderly way. That is mostly that I know where things are and there is at least a superficial cleanliness to it. But my bedroom is piled up with so much laundry that I have to do, that the laundry basket have completely disappeared in the middle of the pile and I am down to the “one day I will throw this out” clothes.

Something more to be irritated at.

My kitchen is thankfully clean – with the exception that I have to unload the dishwasher, that is more because I have been living on salads and other food that I haven’t had to prepare. Mostly thanks to the superwoman of my sister and the catering at work that I could raid for leftovers when I worked late.

Lets not talk about my living room, because the state it is in, so not me!

But I got offered a permanent position here, and after being out for a few interviews – even had a long chat with a recruiter in Singapore who insisted that I had to close my blog, and that I could not mention my sexuality at all if I wanted to be represented by them, or get a job through them that I then decided that this employer is not that bad after all. I mean even after I have to suffer the agony (no, it is not really that bad, I just like to joke about it) of monkey class when flying, and that there will be piles and piles of work waiting for me when I return from a longer work trip.

Anyway, welcome to my life. Same as the old one.



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