I am a hit!

Or my blog is.

A few days ago, my brother and his mates found themselves in Bar Naked in Singapore.

No, it is not some kind of a swingers club, but an actual bar where they could get alcohol in and do whatever male bonding is necessary for the male ego.

I guess bang their chest up against each other while they spill their beer at the other guests who are standing near them while saying “yo” or “dude” to each other.

My brother got some kind of a super hearing and is also notoriously known to comment and charm himself into every conversation that he can overhear, almost fell off his chair when he heard a rather intense conversation from a nearby table where someone were discussing MY BLOG! and MY writings.

He is not a subtle person and feel no shame in life, so he apparently laughed rather loud while looking at them in surprise, and wanted to comment on their, I guess, rather private conversation.

They, then mistook his laughter and intense stares as a very misplaced interruption and a early attempt to hit on 3 (presumably lesbian) women who were out for a drink, so they got mad at him for interrupting their conversations and further for coming up with the worst icebreaker that they ever had heard in the history of straight men trying to hit on women. He then, didn’t make it any better when he in an attempt to explain himself, moved over to their table to explain to them that he didn’t mean any harm and that he just wanted to tell them that it were his sisters blog that they were talking about, and that he could direct any comments they might have had to me if they wanted.

Not one believed him, and only got more insulted when he tried to explain himself.


I guess knowing my brother, then he weren’t the most sober person at that time, but I also know that he wouldn’t harm anyone.

At the same time it is rather flattering that anyone actually read my blog and then take time to mention it to others while they are out in town – that is a sure hit for me.

I think I have had around 10-12K visitors from Singapore since I started this blog, and I am not really certain that everyone read my posts through. I mean looking at the search words and terms that some people use to find this blog, then I am quite sure that someone gets quite disappointed to see what it is that I am writing about and rather quickly find something else to look at. So that anyone spend a Saturday night (I believe it were), to discuss this blog, then it is a success to me.

If you read this and could see yourself in it, then yes, my brother were telling you the truth.






Gender equality? Well, not in Singapore

Are you looking for equality, equal pay and equal rights between genders? Well, don’t look for it in Singapore.

The Swiss non-profit organization World Economic Forum (WEF) has published its annual report, which identifies the state of gender equality arund the world.

Last year Singapore was on a 58th spot, but this year we have moved us one seats and is now occupying the 59th place in the rankings. The countries that are on the top of the list are the Scandinavian countries, who for the last six years have dominated the list with Iceland as number one on the list but is closely followed by Finland, Norway and Sweden.WEF has established four criterias which they assess each country from. The criteria are education, economic participation, politics and health.
What is worth noting is that the countries that dominate the list, is also countries that takes LGBT rights seriously and does not oppress individuals based on their sexuality. Even more. Iceland who have dominated the list for the last 6 years even had a prime minister, Johanna Sigurdardottir, who is gay.
See the full list here.

Woke up to these messages on the phone

Woke up to these message on the phone this morning – and I am sorry that I left it in the living room and didn’t bring it with me to bed last night.

“Where are you? ”

“I miss you so much!!”

“I can’t live without you”

“Please please please reply to me soon”

“Are you coming by”

“Don’t tell me that you are sleeping while I am giving you my soul!!”


“I so need you”

“I hate you!”

“I need to feel your kisses. RIGHT NOW!!”

“I promise to be yours forever”

(mms with boobs).

“I am coming over to you now and god help you if you are with some one else”.

“please please please please”







(About one hour later)

“OMG Wrong number. I am so sorry”

Have I turned into the stereotypical angry lesbian?

Got a skype message from a friend that I haven’t spoken to in ages after she found and read my blog.

CC: “What! You sound so serious and angry on your blog!”

ME: “Grrr. What are you talking about!”

ME: “I am not angry when I blog. Maybe irritated at most!!”

CC: “You sound like that angry lesbian in some of your posts lol”.

Beware Angry Lesbian

Not that angry after all.

Have I really turned into a stereotypical angry lesbian after I passed my *hm* 30’s (omg!)? Nah I am not angry and can’t recall that I have been angry when I wrote anything on this blog. Okay, there were one or two, that started out angry – like my post about IKEA, but else I really don’t feel that I have turned into that angry lesbian who rant about everything heteronormative that does not leave room for LGBT issues and liberties.

But my  post about IKEA were more in a disappointed state, than angry.

Yes, really.

Am I really angry?

No. I am not angry. I can be very ironic. I can be fiercely stubborn on my convictions and I am not afraid to fight for what I believe in – and that is a Singapore who is able to embrace sexual diversity, as well as a country who does not suppress a democratic voice and a free press. That does not make me the angry lesbian, just someone who need to (maybe loudly) say that something is so horribly wrong in Singapore, that it is going to hurt the country and its citizens in the future.

But when an police officer tell a LGBT marathon organizer that “‘Your kind’ can run a marathon in Hong Lim Park”, a politician – and probably the next PM of Singapore, tell a MNC that it is ‘unfortunate’ that they have an LGBT diversity programme, and according to rumors, MOM (It’s the Ministry Of Manpower) openly advice that it is okay to terminate employment of an employee based on their sexuality then something is just wrong – THAT makes me angry.

We got a media where it is illegal to mention homosexuality in a positive light, and where they can be fined massively for just mentioning that some A-list personality – or anyone else – is gay. At most homosexuals are named as “roommates“, when they are living together and need to be mentioned. Well, unless someone have a mental breakdown, then it is more than okay to mentioned their sexuality.

It is not legal for singers to sing songs that mention homosexuality in the country either (So I guess that Uh Huh Her is not going to perform in Singapore anytime soon?).

OMG I have played songs performed by homosexuals while driving my car. So did that make me a criminal when I sang along?

Yes, Yes I sing while I am driving. Sometimes even rather loudly.

And well, as a woman, then the shape of my breasts already count more than my master degree does to some people, so I will not let anyone also dictate how out I can be at work, or in life, when it comes to my sexuality.

If that makes me an angry lesbian, then I guess that I am. I just don’t see myself as angry.


10 Countries That Completely Hate Gay People – and yes, Singapore is one of them.

I am trying SO hard not to make any lists of any kind on this blog and recently it has gotten harder not to do. But thanks to almost any other LGBT related blog or zine on the interweb, then I get my cravings for lists settled to a cetain degree.

Last year Listverse – yes they are making top 10 lists – a lot of them! So if you ever feel the need to look at lists and Afterellen or Autostraddle didn’t give you enough, then they should have more than enough lists for you.

Anyway, Listverse made a very interesting top 10 list named “10 Countries That Completely Hate Gay People“, and is more than worth a look. Singapore made the top 8 spot out of the 10 named, so Singapore is once again in the fachionable crowd along with Russia, Uganda and Iran. Yay… or maybe not.

See the list here


The Singaporean government in shock. Singapore is not in a top 10 list

It is out now. Singapore is not even near a top 10 spot on this list made by Lonely Planet, and the Singaporean goverment and the Singapore Tourism Board is in shock after this announcement.

The Winner were Copenhagen, Denmark. Not a surprise that they made the list, but some  might argue that others should have won this list. I mean where is London for example?

First here is the top 10 list.

1. Copenhagen
2. New Zealand
3. Toronto, Canada
4. Palm Springs, California
5. Sitges, Spain
6. Berlin, Germany
7. Skiathos & Mykonos, Greece
8. New York, New York
9. Reykjavik, Iceland
10. Montevideo, Uruguay

So what how did Copenhagen outshine Singapore? Well, Copenhagen has been named the most gay friendly city in the world by Lonely Planet.

I am sure that the honest reply by the government in Singapore would be to completely ignore the existence of a list that they didn’t make the top 10 list of. Not even when Singapore is so KPI centric as it is.

But according to the Singaporean gov, then Homosexualy does not really exists and can therefore be ignored by any list making bureaucrat and politician.

The world famous travel guide has found “the most inclusive and accepting destinations that open their arms to the LGBTQ traveller“, and here Copenhagen is top notch. From personal experience, I can highly recomend Vela, the only lesbian club in Copenhagen, as well as Masken (The Mask) that is a gay bar, who also have a high percentage of lesbian guests. One of the oldest gay bars in the wold – or at least Europe’s, Centralhjornet (Think it is translated to “Central Corner”), whose origins date back to the 1950s is also located in Copenhagen. 

I wrote to the STB for a comment and how Singapore could improve, and if there were any plans to promote the country to the LGBT traveler, but the reply were that they had no comment at this point of time.

Surprisingly Amsterdam didn’t make the list either.


I am still alive

Urgh, work is killing me slowly.

If you have read my earlier posts, then you would know that I have changed to a smaller office from the previous one that I worked in. This also include no more business class trips and have to fly on economy class. There are no more express lanes to me either, so that also means that I can’t make eyes and smiles to the clearly lesbian airport security officer any longer. Well, I haven’t directly asked her and my gaydar have failed me more times that I would like to admit. But I am 100% certain that she is lesbian, at least 80%.

She didn’t mind my smiles or when I complimented her crewcut hair.

And have on more occasion commented on my choices of paperbacks in my hand.

I have a habit of bringing one or two paperbacks of lesbian authors with me and usually one that I carry in my hand when entering the airport, while the other is packed far away in the suitcase, you know as a subtle way to say “hey there” to anyone who might be looking my way.

It’s my secure way of saying “yep” this is me. (Yay) I am on team L. To anyone who might know the book or the author. It’s kind of my substitute for rainbow colored earrings and jewelry.

Btw. What is it with lesbian romances that have a guy on the cover page of the paperback? The books are clearly written for lesbian readers, so what is the point with a male on the cover?


But I spend close to a week in what was supposed to be Scotland – the independent country, but ended up being hmm just Scotland, part of United Kingdom, and afterward met up with my sister in London.

Had a strange, but funny experience with a Scottish taxi driver, and at least much more positive than what I have experienced with the last Singaporean taxi driver that I in sheer irritation told that I were gay, when I were constantly pushed for the race of my husband. Apparently it is understood that I can’t be single among some groups of men. I am writing about that later – or soon. Just need to rewrite some of what I already have written in that post. Anyway when you see it, then it is done. Soon.

In a few days.

I have been swamped with work the last weeks. In fact had so much work that I haven’t even had energy – or time to make my daily runs. And I OCD on running, so I have been walking around in a seriously irritated and foul mode. Mostly at myself, because it feels like my ass is growing bigger every day that I haven’t been able to go for my runs. But TOMORROW(Actually today, I were supposed to post this yesterday) I am going to run again.

After I have cleaned out my apartment.

It’s not that I am a complete neat freak, but I like things and especially my apartment to be clean and be, you know “orderly” in my kind of orderly way. That is mostly that I know where things are and there is at least a superficial cleanliness to it. But my bedroom is piled up with so much laundry that I have to do, that the laundry basket have completely disappeared in the middle of the pile and I am down to the “one day I will throw this out” clothes.

Something more to be irritated at.

My kitchen is thankfully clean – with the exception that I have to unload the dishwasher, that is more because I have been living on salads and other food that I haven’t had to prepare. Mostly thanks to the superwoman of my sister and the catering at work that I could raid for leftovers when I worked late.

Lets not talk about my living room, because the state it is in, so not me!

But I got offered a permanent position here, and after being out for a few interviews – even had a long chat with a recruiter in Singapore who insisted that I had to close my blog, and that I could not mention my sexuality at all if I wanted to be represented by them, or get a job through them that I then decided that this employer is not that bad after all. I mean even after I have to suffer the agony (no, it is not really that bad, I just like to joke about it) of monkey class when flying, and that there will be piles and piles of work waiting for me when I return from a longer work trip.

Anyway, welcome to my life. Same as the old one.