The single most scary thing that can happen in Singapore? (according to some)

The media is banned from mentioning the subject.

TV stations and printed media is banned from showing pictures of “it”.

One TV station almost got kicked off the air for accidentally showing a platonic hint of “that”.

The churches and local religious authorities spend more time discussing this, than they do on discussing Singaporeans who join terrorist groups and activities.

It is more spoken about than ISIS, Wars in the middle east, and the Ukrainian / Russian conflict.

It is even more important than CPF and taxes.



But really?


A danger to Singaporean society and social norms?

Please Singapore, grow the f up.

What in the world can be scary about two women loving each other? Shouldn’t love between two adult persons be more than enough reason to be together? And dear Singapore we will even promise that we will multiply as well.

I mean getting children together (with a little help), not infecting others with our infectious lifestyle (although I can’t promise that, because good things tend to spread and get around).




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