It’s Sunday – a real Sunday

Someone drunk dialed me through the whole night last night, so I am tired, very tired today.

Or maybe I am just plain lazy and haven’t been out for the absolutely mandatory morning runs – the first run is always called a morning run, no matter how late they are done at.

I haven’t managed to get myself dressed yet and I am still morning ugly now close to 1.

The most that I have done today is move myself and my comforter from the bed and bedroom to the couch in the living room, so I could watch youtube music video’s on a bigger screen while I entertain myself with eating my hair (yes I know it is not a healthy habit, but how else am I going to think??), reading news and whatever erotic lit that I can find on literotica or where ever, following Tumblr posts, and trying to reply to emails on my tablet that I should have replied to days ago.

I am trying to plan on how to spend time in the bathtub. But I need a remote control that can fill the tub up with just the right temperature and right amount of water to do that. So, well, I guess it is just going to be a shower where I can play zombie under instead.

Yes it is a real Sunday today and I haven’t felt this lazy in ages and today’s planned love affair will only be with my pillow and blanket.

Well and my tiger slippers that I need when I need to make more 3-in-1. Making real coffee is too much of an effort.

Whatever chores that I really needed to do today can wait until tomorrow or next week(end).



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