Doctor Who Censored in Singapore

Does it surprise anyone? But yes when the new Doctor Who season began MDA had been active in making sure that BBC’s Doctor Who did not show anything that could disturb the morale of the impressionable Singaporeans. So no lesbian lizard kiss for you! Well, unless you like a lot of hmm *others* just downloaded the episode and watched it anyway.

I am not really a big fan of the Doctor Who universe or series but I do watch it when I get around to it – and especially when what is their name (Googling), Madame Vastra and Jenny Flint would be in the episode. So yes I did see the whole uncensored episode and got to see what it is MDA does not like me to see.

But what is it that Singapore – the so-called Singaporean morale police – does not like you to see? That two women are sassy and feel so good in each others company that they live in a happy (victorian age) relationship?

Sorry, yes, I know that according to the Singaporean morale police then a happy relationship can only happen in a heterosexual nuclear family, so all they want to do is to help you see the light and spare you for any unhappiness in the future. (eyes rolling in my head).

But oh the horror to the society if any young lesbian or bi-curious women got to have any role models in the media scene. I mean it is not like there aren’t any homosexuals working in the Singapore media today – right!?

Read the whole story here and maybe even here

Vastra1 Vastra2Vastra3

 (Images outragously stolen from Tumblr here)


2 thoughts on “Doctor Who Censored in Singapore

  1. Grrrr!! They really actually censored it? All 30 seconds or so? What narrow minded silliness.
    I was just getting over the news that there were actually a few complaints in the UK itself over this. I can’t believe any reasonably modern society thinks that doing that sort of “fingers in the ears, pretend it didn’t happen” idea would work in the 21st century when anybody can access the internet to see anything happening anywhere. Seriously.

    Vastra and her wife Jenny are the cutest couple together and about the most harmless portrayal of lesbian life you’d ever want to see. Shame on the MDA for thinking anything different….

    • Yes! 30 seconds can be really scary to old conservative men, and what can be more scary than two women who love each other – and seems to have a lot of fun in each others company?

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