Easy now

Yes, I am still here and I have not stopped blogging.

I am currently in Scotland for work and haven’t had time to do anything related to this blog.

But I can promise you that I will be back next week or maybe even this weekend, where I will tell you all about the wonders of being able to spot other lesbians in the airport.




It’s Sunday – a real Sunday

Someone drunk dialed me through the whole night last night, so I am tired, very tired today.

Or maybe I am just plain lazy and haven’t been out for the absolutely mandatory morning runs – the first run is always called a morning run, no matter how late they are done at.

I haven’t managed to get myself dressed yet and I am still morning ugly now close to 1.

The most that I have done today is move myself and my comforter from the bed and bedroom to the couch in the living room, so I could watch youtube music video’s on a bigger screen while I entertain myself with eating my hair (yes I know it is not a healthy habit, but how else am I going to think??), reading news and whatever erotic lit that I can find on literotica or where ever, following Tumblr posts, and trying to reply to emails on my tablet that I should have replied to days ago.

I am trying to plan on how to spend time in the bathtub. But I need a remote control that can fill the tub up with just the right temperature and right amount of water to do that. So, well, I guess it is just going to be a shower where I can play zombie under instead.

Yes it is a real Sunday today and I haven’t felt this lazy in ages and today’s planned love affair will only be with my pillow and blanket.

Well and my tiger slippers that I need when I need to make more 3-in-1. Making real coffee is too much of an effort.

Whatever chores that I really needed to do today can wait until tomorrow or next week(end).


The single most scary thing that can happen in Singapore? (according to some)

The media is banned from mentioning the subject.

TV stations and printed media is banned from showing pictures of “it”.

One TV station almost got kicked off the air for accidentally showing a platonic hint of “that”.

The churches and local religious authorities spend more time discussing this, than they do on discussing Singaporeans who join terrorist groups and activities.

It is more spoken about than ISIS, Wars in the middle east, and the Ukrainian / Russian conflict.

It is even more important than CPF and taxes.



But really?


A danger to Singaporean society and social norms?

Please Singapore, grow the f up.

What in the world can be scary about two women loving each other? Shouldn’t love between two adult persons be more than enough reason to be together? And dear Singapore we will even promise that we will multiply as well.

I mean getting children together (with a little help), not infecting others with our infectious lifestyle (although I can’t promise that, because good things tend to spread and get around).



A small, beautiful and incredibly kinky gadget

My personal and almost private email, no, not my work email, but my personal email, have been caught in a mailing list for press releases targeted Singaporean journalists among other. It for most parts gives me some interesting news that is not interesting enough to write about.

Between press releases that tell me how many Singaporeans who uses pain medication, or when a new nail salon have opened (they should rather release a statement when a new one isn’t going to open),  then I do get some real winners – like a personal invitation for an upcoming WTA tournament (yay!) and a must attend Scottish independent election. Then I also get press releases like the one that I am going to tell you about now.

I had actually told myself that I would NOT promote products of any kind and I would absolutely not make any lesbian lists or any other list whatsoever! Not making lists of anything have been pretty hard not to do, so you don’t know how many blog posts that I have been deleting over the lasts months because they ended up being lists of well, “some thing”.

But I guess making lists is just part of being a woman – or a lesbian – or whatever! But yes I do happen to make silly lists in my head sometimes.
And as I said, I would NOT write about things either. Well until this one was announced, because I can’t stop laughing about it – or just getting embarrassed – you choose.



This small and elegant necklace is called “Vesper” and contains a rechargeable soundproof vibrator. The company Crave according to themselves, takes a modern approach to sex toys, and was the world’s first to get a new vibrator founded through crowd funding.

“We embrace the idea that sex is healthy, wholesome and playful, and that it provides vital sparks to everyday life. We know people crave a variety of sexual experiences and that there should be no judgment, stigma, or shame about that desire”, was one of the things that Crave mentioned about their product.

You really have to not only keep a cool attitude, but also be quite confident (or just don’t care) to walk around with your vibe around your neck. Would you do it? I mean dare to use a vibrator as an every day jewelry?

I wouldn’t.

Okay, maybe as a quick dare at a party, but couldn’t really see myself with it on when I am out shopping for groceries and wearing it on a first date – or any date at all. It would send the hmm wrong signal I guess.


Doctor Who Censored in Singapore

Does it surprise anyone? But yes when the new Doctor Who season began MDA had been active in making sure that BBC’s Doctor Who did not show anything that could disturb the morale of the impressionable Singaporeans. So no lesbian lizard kiss for you! Well, unless you like a lot of hmm *others* just downloaded the episode and watched it anyway.

I am not really a big fan of the Doctor Who universe or series but I do watch it when I get around to it – and especially when what is their name (Googling), Madame Vastra and Jenny Flint would be in the episode. So yes I did see the whole uncensored episode and got to see what it is MDA does not like me to see.

But what is it that Singapore – the so-called Singaporean morale police – does not like you to see? That two women are sassy and feel so good in each others company that they live in a happy (victorian age) relationship?

Sorry, yes, I know that according to the Singaporean morale police then a happy relationship can only happen in a heterosexual nuclear family, so all they want to do is to help you see the light and spare you for any unhappiness in the future. (eyes rolling in my head).

But oh the horror to the society if any young lesbian or bi-curious women got to have any role models in the media scene. I mean it is not like there aren’t any homosexuals working in the Singapore media today – right!?

Read the whole story here and maybe even here

Vastra1 Vastra2Vastra3

 (Images outragously stolen from Tumblr here)