I am what? Getting sued??

A few days ago I recieved a “remove this blog post or get sued” notice from an angry and emotionally hurt male and Christian Singaporean.

So am I surprised? Nah not really, but jut surprised that someone actually can get so emotionally distressed by that post.

Anyway…More importantly, I just learned that an LGBT jogathon – I guess that is a run where you don’t compete to win… hmm!.. – was canceled a week ago, because the Police denied the organizers a permit with the reason that LGBT events in Singapore should only be held at Speakers Corner. Speakers Corner is a very small area in a park called Hong Lim Park that is located in central Singapore, that is impossible to organize a run in because the area is too small for events like that.

I guess that I can run or jog around the park in less than 4-5 minutes.

Oh yes, if you haven’t noticed it, then I have added an email where you can contact me, It’s on the About Me page – I mean if you want to sue me – or better yet, send me lots! of fan mails but is too shy to do it in public. I have had a few requests for other ways to contact me on, so yes! I do listen to your requests.

So what will happen with the lawsuit? To be followed up when there are any news, but my guess is not much because I got better lawyers than most.







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