“Your car is so lesbian”

My brother is so nice to bring the car for service for me.

Not because that he suddenly had a moment of brotherly love, but because he sold his car and he for the first time in years is without a car.


Talk about culture shock.

That is when he heard that I needed to get my car for service on Monday, that he saw the opportunity to help his little sister out and out of the blue offered to help me out, based on that he then could use it for the rest of the week.

First text I got from him after I guided him to the spare keys over the phone.

“This must be the nicest smelling car in Singapore”.

10 minutes later.

“This car is so gay!”

2 minutes later again.

“I feel emasculated driving your car!”

“You need more manly music!”.

(I will try to learn to take a screen-shot of my phone conversations one day)

It is true. I have for some time haven’t had a single male singer or band with a male singer near my car lately – and no it is not because I prefer (or an agenda) to only listen to female artists or don’t like male musicians, but my collection in the car is currently a mix of Uh Huh Her, Katy Perry, Shania Twain, Lykke Li and some k-pop and j-rock female bands that I can’t recall the name of right now.

Besides it would be just weird to listen to a male voice singing “I Kissed A Girl”.


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