Into the heart of the European Union

I have just completed a meeting in the heart of the European Union.

A so-called informal meeting with public workers representing unnamed ministers (yes, some were briefly named, but you know, into one nervous ear, out of the other), who had heard about my views among other, from my not so any longer chronically unemployed friend, who mindbogglingly had landed a job there. I mean for the most of the time I have known her, she had been without or working in temp jobs because permanent jobs “were a disturbance to her creativity and personal space”. But there she was, lesbian dogs and all, moving to Brussels to do her I believe first real job.

Just walking into that place felt in more than one way intimidating to me.

“We just want to hear other voices too, and you come greatly recommended,”

It’s not what I know what these recommendation were about or if my friend there have been lying out of her behind on behalf of me, but some things is impossible to say no thank you to, so I went there with few expectations and the knowledge in the back of my mind that there are meetings between the EU and Singapore these days.

I know that last minute meetings with me will not change any views on how the EU and Singapore will be negotiating at all but an invitation is an invitation, and I presumed the coffee would be good.

Never found out about the coffee, but the mineral water were excellent, so I guess all the money that is put into the European Union have been invested well until now.

The trip here were also a perfect break to stop thinking and working on the Malaysian Airlines airplane that got shot down over Ukraine, where I ended up spending the first hours and days in Schiphol and the Amsterdam area talking to distressed relatives of the victims and people who felt and continue to feel more and more helpless, angry and frustrated about politicians, different governments and the whole situation in general, that also affected me more than I really want to admit to myself.

So having a day where my mind only needed to focus on a few direct things, Homosexuality and Human Rights in Singapore, were great.

Not great as in “Yay! let’s jump up and down in excitement”, but great as in I didn’t need to think or focus on other things and actually could talk to and explain my views to people who were able to listen without prejudice and in return were able to ask very qualified questions back.

Oh yes, we discussed discrimination and racism of European Citizens in Singapore as well. But that is a story for another day.

But I guess talking and telling about homosexuality and discrimination based on sexual orientation to straight people is very much like describing how the color blue looks like to a blind person, no matter how well meaning they are.

Anyway, it was interesting but at the same time mentally hard to sit and talk to 5 people, where I only knew 1 of them before, for almost 2½ hours that initially were planned to only last 1. No, it was not like I was grilled for information, and everything was done in a business relaxed cum casual environment, but having this many people sit in front of me, listening and at the same time throwing questions back without a break were in the end exhausting.

It’s time to relax for today.



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