The week of a thousand weirdness

I just taught everyone in the office to say “Heteronormative” and I am feeling proud of myself because of that.

Well if you have read the post that you can’t read yet, because it got stuck in my draft folder on this blog, then you would have known that I am on a “temp” loan to a sister company that is run by an old colleague – who on the first day proudly outed me in front of 17-20 people in the Amsterdam office.

Not that I am not out of the closet, but honestly not really a person who stand up on a soap box announcing my sexuality to the world either.

So my first day there were to say it as it was – odd.

Odd in a way that the first question I got from the person sitting opposite me first said “I really didn’t know that Asians really could be lesbians too.”

On another note.

My aunt and uncle have come out of hiding after their son announced that he was going to marry an Australian as soon as it is possible. An Australian guy that is.

But they are now back in full glory again and demanded that I make an effort to ungay myself, and that I stop being disruptive to the family and their reputation. Apparently I am a very bad influence to my Singaporean relatives and my siblings (who are several years older than me) with my lifestyle and attitude, and so, my Uncle and Aunt feel it is important that I correct myself.

Since I guess it removes theses uncomfortable questions about their own gay son.

I don’t know.

Speaking about Singapore…

Things in Singapore have become more than weird. Lately book burning of Children books that for some reason or another were branded as homosexual or had a gay agenda.

Imagine that. Burning children books and simply banning all homosexual books in public libraries and a government that publicly support it and stand behind burning and destruction of books, because something might have some homosexual vibe about them?

I mean when was the last time that you have heard about that?

1933, Books got burned because they did not comply with a narrow world view. Shortly (or immediately) after, Pink Triangles were introduced. Will Singapore not learn anything from History?

In 1933’s Germany?

Or in more recent times Taliban and IS(IS) occupied areas.

And now also in Singapore.

Of other more absurd demands were separate public toilets for homosexuals in Singapore, that I believe began as an ironic thought but that a larger group of Singaporeans actually took serious and is now demanding that it becomes a reality.

Unkept public toilets in Singapore are also the fault of homosexuals now by the way.

But imagine the next time that you visit Singapore and that you need to urgently find a toilet. Male, Female or Gay?

Of more positive notes. Human Rights groups around the world have begun to move and is now asking both the UN, the European Union and their local governments what their stand is on Singapore’s most recent actions.

Unfortunately I believe that for the European Union, the matter of money is more important to them than Human Rights is.

That is until the day that the Singaporean government demand that we wear Pink Triangles on all of our clothes so we easier can be identified.


(I wrote this a week ago. Been too busy with the more recent events in the world, that I haven’t had time to post anything before today)


3 thoughts on “The week of a thousand weirdness

  1. I guess I will not be making another trip back to Singapore. Haha
    Does that gay bathroom only apply to men? I’d support a lesbian bathroom…it sounds fancy and exclusive. :P

    • Yes, you are right about that lol. Maybe I should not be so offended by it after all, and I am sure, unisex or not, that it will be smellling and look nicer than the “others” toilets then.

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