Do you (lesbians) hate men?

I guess it is Q&A week. But got this question a few days ago when I was having an outrageous dinner with some potential new female colleagues and possibly partners that I would like to answer in public and as honestly and truthfully as I can. Almost without any irony.

“Do you lesbians hate men?”

First of all. I feel that this is the number one face palm question of everything that I have ever been asked.

I can’t really answer for everyone in the world, but I can answer for myself, and no, I do not h-a-t-e men. But to generalize; I quite often find it easier to be friends with guys, than with many women, whom I feel have a tendency to overcomplicated simple things, just as I sometimes do myself. YES to those who know me. I did say SOMETIMES!

Well, that is when men in general have gotten over the outrageously shocking news that I got boobs and a body and all that, but men are generally somehow simpler to be friends with I feel.

I have to admit that we lesbians do have a tendency to cling or band together and can get overly internal in our communications, so we after a while forget about how the straight world communicates. Sometimes we misunderstand what you as a male mean or what your intentions are and we get defensive or feel offended as a coping mechanism. Therefore many of us without really thinking about it end up having only lesbian and gay friends simply because communication is different and sometimes easier when you don’t have to think about translating into to straight peoples language. Yes, we the Sappho lesbians from outer space have another language when we are not trying to blend into the straight people population, where we by the way only go to when we need to lure more “so-called” straight women to join our flock – all part of the secret plan to take over The World Singapore.

And now that I have alienated every female friendship that I got, and is getting calls from everyone, asking what it is I mean about them, then “Of cause it is not you my dear”, “it is all the others. You are my friend, so I don’t mean you”. “Right?”

I have a brother, that I (for the most of the time) don’t hate either.

I don’t differ between my nieces and nephews, who adore me like there are no tomorrow and who often Skype me just to tell me that I am the best (true story). So besides being super aunt for my siblings children, then I am actually able to be in the room with the male gender without I get to feel odd ticks in my face or swing the rainbow colored (yes it IS a color) flag around just to spite you.

So in short, no we(I) don’t really hate men, I can get irritated about the unending questions about being lesbian, if I sometimes miss a penis?, who the guy is in the relationship?, and no, I don’t really find the statement that you as a male is a lesbian in a male body fun at all either.

But in the end all I can say is that




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