Homo hurt

You meet an acquaintance that you know is lesbian. Not a real friend, just one you know – because you have several times seen her at the local lesbian club that you sometimes frequent. Not really one that you know well, but maybe at a minimum have exchanged glances with and nodded “hi!” at each other, and maybe even mildly remember a rather long but foggy conversation between each other. So one that you know, who knows that we both are gay.

… and then halfway expect that she is friendly when you bump into her at the new supermarket that you decided to visit. Well, you know, because we are both gay of course, so we should have something in common to talk about.

I mean our common interest in women should be more than enough for a “hi, what are you getting today?”


I am mildly obsessively interested in knowing what other people have in their shopping trolleys, so when I see someone that I know, even just a little, then I find it is okay to say “hi” and get the conversation going until I feel that I can ask what it is that they are getting (That’s usually right after my “hi”).

But ended up getting mildly hurt because she is arrogant? or absolutely didn’t feel any need to even acknowledge me, or that we had something in common and could talk – or just reply with a “hi”.



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