What pet is most lesbian?

I accidentally started a longer argument about what pet is the most lesbian pet that all lesbians should have today. Didn’t do it on purpose, but had a brain fart when I overheard another couple discussing lesbians with cats. But apparently it is quite a big issue if you are a lesbian who likes dogs, or if you are a lesbian who are into cats.

And it all began with a discussion if it was too stereotypical and offensive to show a newly married lesbian couple who is hugging a cat, because who would EVER find themselves with a cat in the house and call herself a real Lesbian?

Lady stickers

Lesbian stickers, that made Lesbian dog lovers very, very angry.

Honestly with a few rare occasions I mostly meet lesbians who are into cats as pets (if any), and some who preferably got a cat that have been last minute rescued from a shelter of some sorts so they bravely could tell all their friends about their heart breaking rescue mission.

But that is just the kind of people that I generally meet and not that I take offense to lesbian dog lovers.

Decide for yourself. Is the above image of a newly married lesbian couple holding a cat offensive to lesbian dog lovers?


Oh the challenges that we face in life.



4 thoughts on “What pet is most lesbian?

    • Ha Ha. I only think it is okay to be called a crazy cat lady after you got your 5th cat :)

      By the way, I forgot to add what my favorite blogger Grace Chu had to say about cats and dogs on AfterEllen.

      “Cats are passive aggressive and kind of evil. When upset, they will do things like pee on your bed, and you have to figure out what the hell you did to piss them off. Eventually, they end up training you, and you are under their control.”

      “Dogs are needy when it comes to more immediate concerns, and they’ll tell you exactly what they want. But they have so many immediate needs. They want attention. Now. Now. Now. If you leave them alone, they will get sad, and they will destroy all of your shoes. ”


  1. I’m a stereotypical crazy cat lady. I mean, I only have 2 but I’m hopelessly in love with the little balls of fur!

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