Remove batteries before you board the plane

Flight departures are delayed by all sorts of reasons: weather, drunk passengers, computer glitches among other. A story from Sweden are now adding a new – and quite embarrassing – reason to the list.

Just before a flight last Saturday morning were to about to finalize its boarding, the security staff became concerned about a suspicious object in a suitcase that was about to be loaded onto the plane.

The suspicious object was not a bomb, but 20-year-old Amanda’s vibrator that happily vibrated away in the trunk, that the poor girl was forced to remove from the suitcase in front of all the other passengers, wrote the Swedish newspaper Expressen.

Amanda was on the way to the Croatian city of Split. But as she was waiting in the boarding que, she overheard that the staff were talking about her. The woman behind the counter were calling over the walkie-talkie, where another staff spelled Amanda’s name.

– I became frightened and said to the woman, that it was me where she then asked me to go with them because there was something that vibrated in my suitcase. And then I knew what it was, said the 20-year-old Swede.

The passengers who had already boarded, was forced to leave the plane and wait in the hallway while the security personnel came to Amanda with her suitcase.

– Everyone stood in the hallway and saw how I took the vibrator out of my bag and removed the batteries, said the Swedish girl.

– Some sighed, but most thought it was funny. To me the worst thing was that the guy who came with the suitcase was really delicious and that I had no one to talk to, because I was traveling alone said Amanda, who later tweeted about the incident.

The Swedish Press Officer from SAS, Henrik Edström, verified that the departure were delayed.

– The plane was not delayed for more than a few minutes, so no reports were made about the incident. So I do not know the specifics of the case, but it is true that the departure were briefly delayed, said the press officer. Who also assured that it was an exceptional case and did not that happen often.

– There are many different reasons why our flight is delayed, but I’ve never heard of anything like this myself.

So, note to self. Remove batteries before packing.


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